Moving: “we are here”, recalls Valérie Plante

Moving : «we are here,” recalls Valérie Plante

The Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante.

A little over eight days before the move on July 1, Mayor Valérie Plante recalls “the efforts put in place by the executive committee to help people who may not have found housing”. She invites people in this “emergency” situation to dial 311.

Those who do not have housing for the first of July, this what they want is support, help. We are here. My message is that we are here.

Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

By dialing 311, homeless Montrealers will get all the help put in place by the Opération du 1er Juillet tactical team. The Mayor of Montreal recalls that 3.4 million dollars have been released for these “emergency operations”.

She also recalls that the City of Montreal is making “colossal efforts”, according to her, but that In the end, “it is also necessary that the upper levels, which are in charge among other things of social housing, do their homework”.

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Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

In her last official statement to On this subject, the leader of the official opposition at Montreal city hall and leader of Ensemble Montreal, Aref Salem, admitted to being disappointed with the administration of Projet Montréal. According to him, this “is still at the discussion stage rather than offering a roof to Montrealers”.

After five years in power, one would have expected concrete actions rather than simply creating committees. The mayor cannot even define what affordable housing is when she promises thousands. On that account, everything can be calculated as affordable housing to fulfill its promise.

The Leader of the Official Opposition at Montreal City Hall and Leader of Ensemble Montreal, Aref Salem

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