Murder in Old Quebec: a message from the Crown on mental health

Murder in Old Quebec: a message from the Crown on mental health

Carl Girouard appeared by videoconference from his cell.

Share November 5, 2020 11:23 a.m. Updated at 12:33 p.m. Share Tuerie du Vieux-Québec: a message from the Crown on mental healthMurder in Old Quebec: a message from the Crown on mental health

Isabelle Mathieu Le Soleil The man accused of having committed the killing in Old Quebec, Carl Girouard, briefly appeared this morning, from his confinement cell, and saw his case postponed to November 20.

Girouard is charged with two first degree murders and five attempted murders.

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The 24-year-old, who was not wearing his mask since he was alone in the cell, appeared calm and attentive. He had previously spoken with his lawyer, Me Benoît Labrecque.

Headphones on, Girouard answered “yes” when Judge René de la Sablonnière of the Court of Quebec asked him if he understood what was going on.

The Crown prosecutor Me François Godin told the judge that within two weeks, the disclosure of the police evidence would be “75 or 80% complete”.

Besides the disclosure of evidence to the defense, no formal procedure is scheduled for November 20, in the Court of Quebec. If a release inquiry were to be held, the accused must apply to the Superior Court.

A message from the Crown

The representative of the DPCP briefly addressed the many journalists present at the courthouse. Even before the question was asked, Me François Godin wanted to send a message about mental health. “In the Criminal Code, there is a presumption to the effect that people are deemed to be sane, recalls Me Godin. If ever Mr. Girouard intends to assert a defense to this effect, he can do so in due course. timely. As we speak, it is far too early to speculate on that. “

Girouard's lawyer, Me Benoît Labrecque, did not indicate where he was in his research to have a psychiatric expertise carried out on the criminal liability of his client.

Moreover, after having consulted the victims and obtained their agreement and having spoken to the defense lawyer and to representatives of the media, the Crown prosecutor Me François Godin asked the judge to lift the publication ban which covered the identity of four of the five victims of attempted murder. The order remains in effect for the fifth complainant. On the indictment, the attempted murder victims are identified by their initials. For charges of first degree murder, the names of François Duchesne and Suzanne Clermont are indicated.

Murder in Old Quebec: a message from the Crown on mental health

Because Girouard during his arrest during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Special collaboration, Steve Jolicoeur

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