Music as a bridge for Beyries

Music as a bridge for Beyries


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Steve Bergeron La Tribune Hang on. This is the first word inspired by Beyries' new album. Hang on to others, to hold on when the storm passes. But also cling to yourself, when the turmoil comes from the other. To cling, in short, to what we have, to what allows us not to fall. What if we fall? We simply fall.

First, there is What We Have , which sets the tone. Further on, Over Me , a song of hope for better days. Keep It To Yourself , on the importance of forgiving and sometimes silencing your grievances to preserve a love. Out of Touch , when this love precisely becomes an anchor. On other beaches, it is the fall that is tackled head-on: a story of mourning in Closely , a cry for help in Story of Eva , asthenic numbness on Anymore

Is it because we already know that Amélie Beyries has gone through storms (a depression and two cancers), that we immediately perceive these tints of resilience and shipwreck in her new songs? Regardless of that, the 41-year-old singer pretty much agrees with this reading.

“There is a lot of that: looking at what you have, seeing the glass of water half full … but also not feeling bad to say sometimes that it is half empty and that it is dish. I was talking about it with musician friends: it's horrible what is happening to performing artists right now. Yes, we know that we are ultimately lucky because we are not sick. But it's still difficult and you have to face it. “

Understand that just because she knows the fragility of life does not mean Beyries has not been affected by the pandemic. But she allowed herself to live this hard blow, she for whom meetings are a capital element of life, to the point of having titled her new disc Encounter .

“Dating is one of the things that turns me on the most. I therefore felt very helpless at the start of the confinement. At the same time, for a person like me who made the decision to slow down a few years ago, the fact that everything has stopped has really done me a lot of good. Except that there was a latent anxiety. “

Return to the chalet

When Amélie talks about dating, she's not just limited to humans. “For me, my trip to the Grand Canyon was a great encounter. When I found myself on the edge, something blew me away, it was so immense and grandiose. You can also meet a new passion, an animal, a child, ”she says, also referring to the encounter between an artist and music, and that which she has made, capital, for four years: meeting the public. The one who adopted her almost instantly in 2016, when her portrayal of I 'm going to the other side of the world in Unit 9 sparked love at first sight.

“In Quebec, there is really something fantastic. I had the chance to go and play abroad, but when I came back here afterwards it was like going back to the chalet. People tell you that they listen to your record on repeat and that they are happy to meet you, finally! She reports, highlighting the last word.

“So I approach my shows as beautiful evenings, not as a performance. I'm here to sing, chat, discuss, laugh with the public and my musicians … In short, it's a great meeting, which I miss very much. “

To compensate for this absence, Beyries decided to go deliver in person the albums pre-ordered by her admirers in the Montreal region. “That's it, launching an album: creating a bridge with people you don't know. “

Ample and unifying

These lucky and lucky ones will discover a very padded disc, on which guitar and piano have been wrapped in strings, coated with synthesizers by Alex McMahon (director of Encounter) and enveloped in the multiplied vocal harmonies of Franck Julien, Marie-Christine Depestre and Beyries herself.

“It's just the kind of music I like to listen to. The shows of the last few years have also made me want songs that are much larger and more unifying, especially when I found myself in front of crowds of 5,000 or 10,000 people … “

Beyries admits that she didn't feel the pressure of the second album too much in the creation process, given that she has a file where all of her song attempts have accumulated. “ Closely , for example, is a song I started in 2010, which I took out and reworked. Same thing for Story of Eva , which dates from 2016. So I had a small corpus at the start, but I still wanted the record to be a reflection on who I am today. As for Graceless , an observation of the very demoralizing time we are living, if only for Donald Trump. And I started writing this text before the pandemic! ”

Music as a bridge for Beyries



Song of indulgence

We are, only beach in French on Encounter , is a new collaboration with Maxime Le Flaguais, who had already written the texts of J'aurai cent ans on Landing and Beyond words on the microalbum In French .

“It's a song about human indulgence, about the importance of remembering that we are all full of contradictions. If there is something that I deplore today, it is the lack of indulgence, ”she underlines, with particular reference to the culture of banishment. “We lynch people on the internet, we are hard on others, we do not forgive, because we are stressed, mobilized, charged. But we all make mistakes, and we all say nonsense. Obviously, there are those who say it over and over and that we must stop, but in many cases, the reaction is a little tough. So a little gentleness and indulgence, it seems to me that it would do good. “

The song was recorded at Le Nid studio by Pierre-Philippe Côté, alias Pilou, in Saint-Adrien, Estrie. “We do a lot of work sessions there, Maxime, Pilou and me. We often develop ideas together. It is a really nice place. “

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