Music: the 10 best Quebec albums of 2021

Music: the 10 best Quebec albums of 2021

Laura Niquay

The 2021 cuvée of local music is particularly rich. We made some heartbreaking choices to select the top 10 albums of the year.

Waska Matisiwin by Laura Niquay

This album has everything to enchant us: unifying choruses, luminous vocal harmonies, catchy melodies and exciting rhythms. Everything is carried by the unique short grain voice of Laura Niquay. No need to understand the Atikamekw language to feel the ardor of the artist, who stands out wonderfully in the world of folk rock.
Marie-Lise Rousseau

Phoenix by Charlotte Cardin

This album is already establishing itself as a piece of anthology in the Quebec pop scene. Skilfully navigating between strength and fragility, Charlotte Cardin offers a complex and powerfully free first album. The song XOXO offers a moment of pure ingenuity, by the way, as the artist modified one of the tracks of her voice, thus achieving a duet with herself.
Fanny Forest

The Witness by SUUNS

The musical year will undoubtedly have been marked by the release of the grandiose fourth studio album by the internationally renowned Montreal group. The Witness marks a more intimate, more raw turn for SUUNS which continues – for the better – to saturate us with its experimental electro-rock tinged with black jazz.
Amélie Revert

Eastern Normal from Connoisseur Ticaso

All hip-hop fans in the province will recognize him, Normal from the East is one of the best Quebec rap albums of recent years. With his formidably mastered pen, Connoisseur Ticaso paints a powerful portrait of street life. This unequivocal recognition even extended to the ADISQ Gala, where the artist won the Félix for rap album of the year, a historic victory.
Jules Couturier

Incarnat d & rsquo; Ariane Moffatt

At the peak of her art, the famous singer-songwriter created what has become our soft soundtrack of 2021. In a more than eventful year, this return to the intimate and stripped-down sound that made her known is more than soothing. We badly needed this album of great beauty, a remedy for more than seasonal depression.
Marie-Lise Rousseau

Exordium to Extasy by Barry Paquin Roberge

If Ariane Moffatt has satisfied our need for softness in 2021, this glam collective at will has satisfied the thirst we had to let go of our crazy despite everything. What could be better than disco-funk-psych with grooves irresistible accompanied by the bewitching transverse flute of Anna Frances Meyer? The perfect album to get back on track!
Marie-Lise Rousseau

Frame of a Fauna d & rsquo; Ouri

Ouri & rsquo; s debut solo album is an exploration of the contrasts of time, of music. In effect, the artist merges in the magnetic Frame of a Fauna the acoustic and electronic sounds, but also his body and his soul. His voice, almost underwater, spreads in a wave of 14 remarkable songs.
Amélie Revert

Cantalou by Thierry Larose

Thierry Larose combines poetry and rock in his very first album. Even at a young age, the singer-songwriter wrote excellent texts, always loaded with literary references, which he accompanied with intoxicating instrumental arrangements. If you are fans of the Quebec rock group Malajube, you will be charmed by this very promising emerging artist.
Naomie Gelper

Three Little Words by Dominique Fils-Aimé

With this latest album of a critically acclaimed trilogy, the brilliant musician declares her love to us and sends us a warm message of hope more than necessary in the current context. Its 14 titles (of three little words) in English with African-American influences have the effect of a heartwarming “I love you”.
Philippe Lépine

one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden & nbsp; d'Ada Lea

Ada Lea was back this year with her magnificent folk rocked by candlelight. The singer-songwriter seems to whisper her songs into our ears and takes us with her for a walk punctuated by confidences. Her album can be listened to endlessly, and the comfort is absolute!
Amélie Revert

Honorable mentions to & # 8230;

  • Heaven is on the floor by Louis-Jean Cormier
  • PICTURA DE IPSE : Direct music by Hubert Lenoir
  • Home Run by 20Some
  • Russian doll by Sarahmée
  • Silicone Villeray de Robert Robert
  • I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses & nbsp; by Backxwash
  • Leftovers by Le Ren
  • A monkey on the shoulder by Julia Daigle
  • A thousand works of my heart by Salomé Leclerc
  • Musivision by Laurence-Anne

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