“Musical imprint”: the contagious passion of Marc-André Grondin

& laquo ; Musical imprint & raquo ;: the contagious passion of Marc-Andr & eacute; Grondin

The return to winter is already exhausting you? The show Empreinte musical , broadcast during the holidays and offered as a catch-up, is perfect for giving you a moment of sweetness and respite. Host Marc-André Grondin goes there to meet various artists to discuss their common passion for music.

In two two-hour episodes, Dominique Fils-Aimé, Hubert Lenoir, Émile Bilodeau, Lisa LeBlanc, Fred Fortin, Samian and Isabelle Boulay each share three songs that have had a significant impact in their lives. It is fascinating to discover their inspirations and influences in this way.

Friendly conversations full of curiosity are interspersed with intimate monologues by Marc-André Grondin, who also opens up about the memorable songs of his life .

Following in the footsteps of his late father, radio man Denis Grondin, the host succeeds superbly in transmitting his love of music through these inspiring encounters.

The depth of the exchanges, conducted in the tone of confidence, and the musical breaks even lead us to reflect on the soundtrack of our life. We can't wait for a suite!

Empreinte Music is available for catch-up online and on the OHdio application.

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