Négos of the public sector: Quebec has lit fires, told the CSQ

Négos du secteur public: Québec a allumé des feux, dit la CSQ

The CSQ provides for immediate means of pressure in view of the negotiation of the collective agreements which begins in a half-million employees of the State.

January 6, 2020 21h38


Négos of the public sector: Quebec has lit fires, told the CSQ

Lia Lévesque

The Canadian Press


After receipt of governmental bids that have “turned on the lights” rather than turn it off, in the public sector, the CSQ will soon begin to mobilise its members for collective bargaining that begins in a half-million employees of the State.

In fact, most of the mobilization plans of the various federations of the Central trade union of Quebec, are already ready, said on Monday Sonia Éthier, president of the central union, in the course of his press conference of back to school after the Holidays.

“Each federation has its own plan of mobilization. The theme is : “It has got to change now”. It is done, it is ready. The means of pressure? Not immediately, because I think that it is necessary first to let the chance to the sectoral tables and the central table to bargain in good faith” and explain the applications of the CSQ to the government, she explained.

The CSQ is waiting in particular to see how to materialize the government’s commitment Legault to do more for teachers in primary and secondary school, as for the orderlies.

Global offers to the employees of the State are 7 % increase over five years.

Recruitment difficulties

Statistics Canada has confirmed that, at the end of the year, that teachers in quebec were still the lowest paid in the country. What’s more, many young teachers leave the profession within the first five years, and many school boards are experiencing recruitment difficulties.

“The president of the treasury Board, he must realize that one of its responsibilities to employees of the State, it is to put out fires, not lighting them, so be proactive in the attraction and retention of staff. In addition, we are in a context of budget surplus and shortage of workforce. So, we expected a catch-up wage. But then, what the government Legault offers us, it is the depletion”, has thundered Ms. Éthier.

It reproaches the government for having “lit the fuse” in schools, colleges and health facilities with its offering, which it describes as “derogatory”.

The CSQ will meet with government negotiators next Friday.

Family care

Furthermore, officers in charge of educational service in a family environment attached to the CSQ will be consulted until January 15, a pressure medium, in order to increase the pressure in the framework of the negotiation of their collective agreement.

The proposed plan is to open the doors 15 minutes later in the morning, and only on Friday, for the first week. For the second week, the service would open 30 minutes later.

The 10 000 members of the CSQ in these services in the home environment are currently being consulted about this plan.

The CSQ represents 200 ‘ 000 members, of which 125 000 in the middle of education. In addition to teachers, it also represents education professionals — speech pathologists, psychologists and others — and the support staff of the school.

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