New apartment: get into search mode quickly!

New apartment: get into search mode quickly!

Not planning to renew your lease in 2022? February is already the time to find a new apartment, even if the July 1st deadline seems far away. Tell yourself that as it gets closer, the availability of apartments will become rarer. This is why the Société d'habitation du Québec (SHQ) insists on the importance of taking steps quickly and efficiently.

Here are some tips to promote your research on the Internet and social media, where you may find your new home in a click! Obviously, these tips will be doubly effective if you use critical thinking to distinguish right from wrong. All that glitters is not gold, as the old saying goes…

Social Media

Facebook remains a very good vehicle to be on the lookout for offers. There are several groups that segment the rental market according to your needs, both in terms of regions, size and costs. Hundreds of ads can be posted there daily. Its Marketplace platform is entirely dedicated to the sale and rental of goods; in the “apartments for rent” category, you must indicate your criteria for the accommodation you are looking for (district, number of bedrooms, price, etc.).

Announcements and Alerts

Even if Facebook offers very good search potential, traditional classifieds sites should not be neglected. They are still very popular with a part of the population less attracted to social media. With Kijiji, LesPAC, LogisQuébec, alerts can be programmed according to your criteria, allowing you to receive a notification as soon as a new rental is online.

Self-promotion to stand out

In an effervescent market, promoting yourself to a future landlord adds to the arsenal of tools to use to stand out. This is an increasingly popular way and it can be very profitable. A bit like the job market where the employer must now showcase themselves to recruit employees.

Your profile could be the element that will work in your favor. In this respect, Kangalou notably offers the possibility of creating a tenant profile to make you stand out to landlords. lodging”. It can be posted on major social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) and also on classifieds sites like Kijiji and LesPacs. And why not on the bulletin board of your supermarket!

Remember that by sharing your post on social media, your friends give you access to their network. This increases the radiation of your “bottle thrown overboard”.

Did you know?

< p>The site AppartMap offers an apartment hunter service. By indicating your criteria, you receive offers that match your profile. There's also the PadMapper app, which is an aggregator of different sites like Kijiji and Craiglist.

Word of mouth and tracking

Beyond the Internet and social media, the good old methods are still as effective as ever. By letting your loved ones know your intentions to move, they become your eyes and ears and are privileged sources of information.

Tracking on foot also remains a proven formula. It allows you to visualize the coveted district, to see its assets and to project yourself into your next daily life. Posters “for rent” thus constitute a significant source of research.

Help available

The purpose of these tips is to to help you take successful steps to find accommodation as soon as possible. This is the very essence of the mandate that the SHQ gives itself with the thousands of households that start looking for housing each year, most often in anticipation of July 1st. To learn more, you can access more information here.

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