“New Faces”: Breaking the mold, one model at a time

“New Faces

New Faces is a unique immersion in the world of Montreal modeling agency Humankind, headed by Marikym Hervieux and Claudine de Repentigny, two industry professionals who are determined to break the mold of fashion.

While the modeling world is evolving little by little in order to better reflect society as a whole, the Humankind agency is already at the forefront by imposing new standards. Authenticity, diversity and inclusiveness are the watchwords of co-founders Marikym Hervieux and Claudine de Repentigny.

The two former international models want to shine their unique recruits for what they are, and not for what we would like them to be. However, this noble quest is not always easy in the fashion industry, which is often ruthless.

Having overcome an eating disorder herself, Marikym Hervieux is all the more more concerned about the health and well-being of its proteges, which gives rise to several moments of confidence on the screen.

Through the eight episodes of New faces, a unique series of its kind in Quebec, we discover the recruits of the modeling agency, but also the daily life of the professional team that accompanies them.

The first three episodes are available now on the VRAI platform.  

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