New Louis Garneau bicycles

New Louis Garneau bikes

The Quebec company Louis Garneau confirms the launch of a new line of bicycles for children.

Louis Garneau has indeed signed a new collection of bicycles for children and this one it will be available only online from this Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Among these models, we will find four exclusive, ultra-light and more technical models.

“When I was three years old, my father gave me my first bike, a small used Italian bike. This bike has changed my life. I experienced the first autonomous means of transportation in a child's life: the bicycle. I felt like I could go anywhere, even sometimes I could fly. My ultimate goal with this brand new bike is to benefit as many children as possible,” explained Louis Garneau.

New Louis Garneau bikes

These new models will be equipped with high-performance, ergonomic brakes, perfect for toddlers learning. These bikes go from a simple balance bike to a 20-inch bike.

As the holidays approach, 20 copies will be donated to Centraide.

And Mr. Garneau even gives children the opportunity to get a gold medal…

“Because if your child is in balance one day, it is a first victory, a first achievement. I had a magical moment when I managed to balance myself and I have remembered it all my life. I feel like sharing with your family this moment of emotion, this moment of small victory in the life of your child”, explains the designer.

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