No-makeup day: how important is your appearance to you?

Day without makeup: how important is your appearance to you?

Always dressed to the nines, well dressed and perfectly made up. even when you really don’t have the taste? You are perhaps one of the 30% of Quebecers identified by Léger who do not feel able to go out in public if their appearance is not neat. On the occasion of No Makeup Day, the organization Équilibre, which campaigns for a positive body image, invites you to take the pressure off yourself.

This initiative, which now has a dozen years, always invites us to reflect on the place that makeup takes in our lives. But, it now has a greater scope: beyond lipstick and mascara, we are asked to think about the importance we give to our appearance in general. The idea is to become aware of the impact of beauty standards on our mental health.

Sometimes misinterpreted by its name, this day of reflection is not intended to impose a new standard or point the finger at people who wear makeup. Conversely, let us be free to be, with or without make-up, during this Day and all the other days of the year.

Andrée-Ann Dufour Bouchard, nutritionist and project manager at ÉquiLibre, in a press release

The objective is therefore not to criticize makeup or the people who use it, although on the contrary. The message that ÉquiLibre seeks to send is rather that wearing makeup should not be a social obligation, everyone should be free to choose.

ÉquiLibre is an organization that fights for a positive body image . It’s him who organizes, among other things, the week The weight? No comment! as well as the Prix ÉquiLibre, which each year recognizes initiatives that promote body diversity.

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