No New Year's Eve party in the Old Port this year

No New Year's Eve party in the Old Port this year

While December 31, 2022 would have marked the expected return of fireworks and a great occasion to gather in the Old Port to party like in the old days, sad news comes this morning: the traditional Montreal New Year's party will not take place this year.

“What was shaping up to be a historic 10th edition under the sign of gatherings is turning out to be an insoluble headache for the organizers of the festivities surrounding December 31,” indicated Montréal en fêtes in a press release this morning.

If last year, it was the resurgence of COVID-19 cases that forced the cancellation of the event which usually brings together nearly 200,000 people, this year it is rather economic issues that force the organizers to cancel the festivities.

“Free admission has always been central to our mission and today we must completely review our model and our financing if we want the free event to survive… I hope that we will be able to convince our partners of the importance of financial support updated to today's reality. […] Galloping inflation, labor shortages and public underfunding make organizing the 10th edition impossible,” explained Dimitri Soudas, Chairman of the Board of administration de Montréal en fêtes.

See you next year?

This cancellation does not constitute a final farewell, however, emphasizes the organization. After taking a “break” this year, Montréal en fête hopes to return next year with a New Year's party that is as festive as ever and accessible to all.

“We are confident that our private and public partners will be committed to supporting the mission of the event so that we come back stronger, and always free of charge, in 2023”, mentions Martin Durocher, co-founder and vice -president of the board of directors.

Since 2017, with its shows and fireworks that mark the beginning of the new year, the party of the New Year of Montreal en fête is the largest event of its kind in Canada.

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