No, Rambo does not represent the 'ordinary' world

No, Rambo does not represent the “ordinary” /></p>
<p>Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier. </p>
<p>CHRONICLE – Before we swim, or rather wade, in the populist open sea, here and there gleaned a few pre-tornado droplets. We had serious fun, judging (nonchalantly) the thing harmless, hearing Mario Dumont stuff himself with “at the ADQ, we take care of the real world!”. Real world? And the fake one? Who cares, right?</p>
<p>Those were, of course, the good old days. Where one could make fun, without fear of the next day, of the populist inclinations of the schoolyard. Long before Trump, Oban, Zemmour and other Bolsonaros. Long before the attack on the Capitol. Long before, in short, a socio-ideological crater widening further, burying the cries, now muted, of so-called “ordinary” people.</p>
<p>Ordinary? What's the difference with “true”, by the way? Friend Bédard, over a beer, had put his finger on it. The ordinary world is one which, without necessarily lacking ambition, does not ogle any political responsibility. Seek neither glory, fake recognition, nor prestige, without denying the importance of collective interests. He agrees, if necessary and from time to time, to put his shoulder to the wheel.</p>
<p>The classic populist recipe essentially consists of three steps. First, build a fictional enemy or one with approximate outlines. Then, to go with a broad and uncertain definition of the “ordinary world” (or variations on the theme), which would now be under siege. Finally, to present itself as the ultimate defender of the latter against the enemy since built. </p>
<p>Like many, I raised my eyebrows when I learned of the convoy organized by Rambo Gauthier. The return of the Côte-Nord goon appeared with difficulty, even neat, on my 2022 bingo card. And its justification? The defense, according to the main interested party, of the “ordinary world”, of which he would undoubtedly be a part. </p>
<p>In a maelstrom of vague or scientifically ill-advised grievances, the unvaccinated trade unionist launched: “A pandemic kills people! I don't see anyone dead around!” </p>
<p>Speaking of the media: “You are accomplices in this killer's ostie”, pointing to the National Assembly.</p>
<p>In the same vein, Gauthier draws without embarrassment a (shameful) parallel between Hitler and “the sanitary dictatorship”, and de facto excuses the Ottawa demonstrators who sported the swastika.</p>
<p>However, despite the self-proclamations, the “ordinary world” is represented in no way, or very little, by the populist leader. </p>
<p>Because unlike him, the salary of the “ordinary world” has nothing to do with the $105,000 earned annually by Gauthier (2017 figures, so probably more today). In fact, only 6% of Quebecers enjoy an income in the same waters, to which is added a monthly allowance of $800 for the car, i.e. 3-4-5 times more than the payments, on the vehicle side, of the average bear. </p>
<p>Because contrary to him, the “ordinary world” did not remain indifferent, a few years ago, to the fate of Syrian shipwrecked people seeking asylum: their arrival in Quebec had been described as “marde” by the representative of the FTQ-Construction, which had to distance itself from his remarks. </p>
<p>Because unlike it, the “ordinary world” has a somewhat lighter legal record: according to a decision of the Parole Board of Canada: “The behaviors […] related to your [i.e. Gauthier] conviction for intimidation, as well as those related to the uttering of threats in 2009 where you were acquitted and those related to criminal harassment where there was a stay of proceedings in 2014 […] are contrary to the legal criteria for good conduct in the Criminal Records Act.” Add to this another conviction, in 1998, for uttering threats, and the court is full. </p>
<p>Coming from and representing the “ordinary world”, then? Not really, no. This one, at the time of writing these lines, is rather made up of people who, even being frankly fed up with the pandemic and the measures, continue the war effort without flinching. Refuse Nazi analogies. Think in solidarity of others, especially front-line caregivers, immunosuppressed and other vulnerable people, as well as all the victims of the current load shedding.</p>
<p>Before leaving Quebec City on Sunday, just to be present at job the next day, Rambo announced his return in… two weeks, after Valentine's Day and Super Bowl weekend. It is up to the demonstrators to adapt to their schedule, we have to believe. </p>
<p>The beauty of the deal? That in the meantime, everything suggests that other measures will therefore be lifted, allowing the leader to claim victory. </p>
<p>That too is populism: a propensity for bullshit. </p>
<p>The fact remains that, as Havard said, a walking brute always goes further than two seated intellectuals. </p>
<p>It hurts her. </p>

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