Normandeau’s request to stop his trial

Normandeau demande l’arrêt de son procès

Nathalie Normandeau, the palace of justice of Quebec, in September 2017

January 9, 2020 9h36

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Normandeau’s request to stop his trial

Normandeau demande l’arrêt de son procès

Isabelle Mathieu

The Sun


The victim according to court delays “cruel and inhuman”, the ex-deputy premier Nathalie Normandeau has filed a second request for a stay of proceedings to drop the three charges of breach of trust, fraud against the government and corruption in municipal affairs that weigh against it.

The former politician and radio host has released on Thursday morning, a statement to flavor more political than legal, to announce it.

That is all that is available for the time; the query of 29 pages filed by the lawyer of Ms. Normandeau, Me Maxime Roy, will have to be vetted by the Office of the independent inquiries since it refers to the investigation Oath on the leaks to the UPAC.

After three years, nine months and 27 days of court proceedings, Nathalie Normandeau said to be placed in a personal and professional situation untenable. “At the age of 51, I have to earn my life,” she insists.

Nathalie Normandeau maintains that the decision to file a petition for a stay of proceedings under the judgment in Jordan was not his wish, because she has always wanted to be a trial. “Ahead of time, lounging and procedures that are more complex unnecessarily, I chose to do so. Our justice system provides for this option as the ultimate cure to unacceptable delays.”

With the judgment in Jordan, the supreme Court has enacted caps 18 months of delays for cases without the preliminary inquiry, as is the case of Ms. Normandeau, and 30 months for those with preliminary investigation. There are exceptions, depending on the complexity of the case.

In march 2018, the Quebec Court had refused to grant a stay of proceedings under unreasonable time-limits to Nathalie Normandeau. The time periods were 25 months.

Mired in several preliminary motions, the trial of Nathalie Normandeau and his five co-defendants, including Marc-Yvan Côté, will take place before the end of 2020.

Nathalie Normandeau was arrested by UPAC in march 2016, the day the provincial budget.

The management of the hearing of this second request in unreasonable time limits and will be heard next Monday by judge André Perreault of the Court of Québec.

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