“Not the time to fool!” sum Marwah Rizqy

Liberal Criticism of Education, Marwah Rizqy

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Olivier Bossé Le Soleil “We don't have time to mess around! Winter is coming. You have the proof, the Christmas decorations went out to the National Assembly. I watched The People's Almanac, it never happened, a national warmth in Quebec, an Indian summer in January and then in February. It will not arrive! So, instead of stubbornly then persisting, I ask for an inventory. ”

It is in his always energetic and colorful way that the liberal critic in matters of education, Marwah Rizqy, on Thursday morning, again summoned the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, to draw up a global portrait of ventilation systems. in Quebec schools.

What two hours later, at the Blue Room, Minister Roberge assured that the analyzes are underway and promised a complete inventory for the end of November.

Subjected to a barrage of questions on the subject from the Liberal Party and Québec solidaire, the minister above all reiterated that his government has decentralized powers and that each school service center must do its own assessment and has the necessary money. to equip oneself with ventilation devices if necessary.

Using a table, as his liberal counterpart Rizqy often likes to use, Mr. Roberge also took the opportunity to highlight the negligence of previous governments in the maintenance of schools.

At war without ammunition

In the morning press scrum, Ms. Rizqy repeated “facing a wall” by speaking of “the stubbornness” and the stubbornness of Minister Roberge to refuse any constructive proposal from the opposition, according to her.

While the World Health Organization confirms that the transmission of the COVID-19 virus can be done in the air by microdroplets (aerosols), an article in La Presse revealed that the Legault government does not hold data on ventilation capacities in classrooms.

On Wednesday, on the 98.5 radio in Montreal, the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, admitted that a plan for ventilation should have “been done a long time ago”.

As had also done the day before Québec solidaire, Ms. Rizqy and the Liberal Party of Quebec are asking that each school be equipped with a CO2 detector and, according to the results collected by class, can then install air purifiers in the need.

“It is not normal that there are companies in Quebec [manufacturers of CO2 detectors and air purifiers] who have not had any call from the government to equip themselves with these tools. We are at war, then you are telling me that there is ammunition there which is next to me, but we will not use the ammunition! ” also proclaimed the Liberal member who, in fact, does substitute work every Monday in a fifth year class in her riding of Saint-Laurent, in Montreal.

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