“Nothing is going right in the justice system”, denounces the PLQ

«Nothing is going well in the justice system», denounces the PLQ

Marc Tanguay, the interim leader of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ).

“Breaking point”, an “unprecedented” situation, “unheard of”: the official opposition justice critic, André A. Morin, did not mince words to describe the state of the justice system, this afternoon at the National Assembly.

Mr. Morin and the interim leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), Marc Tanguay, denounced the delays, the closed rooms and the shortage of manpower in the courthouses of Quebec, referring in particular to the revelations of < em>The Press, on the occasion of the party's press conference for the return to parliament.

“It is the primary responsibility of the Minister of Justice to ensure the proper functioning of the system”, denounced Marc Tanguay. “The system does not work, and it is up to the Minister to answer for it.”

An obligation of result

The leader of the PLQ deplored that the relationship between the Minister of Justice, Simon Jolin-Barrette, and the chief judge of the Court of Quebec, Lucie Rondeau, had “envenomed”. Marc Tanguay invited the Minister to “find common ground” with Justice Rondeau, insisting that it was up to him to “agree with her”.

Recall that the Chief Justice put put in place a controversial reform which provides that the judges will only sit every other day in order to give them more time for deliberation. The judge is also asking the Quebec government to appoint 41 new judges.

This reorganization was very badly received by the Legault government, which is challenging it in court.

The Minister of Justice has a duty and an obligation to result in the face of citizens who bang their noses against the door of justice.

Marc Tanguay, interim leader of the PLQ

“It is up to Judge Rondeau to make such administrative decisions” , noted the Liberal leader, however refusing to comment on the merits of the Chief Justice's requests.

Competitive salaries requested

The PLQ also asked the government to raise the salaries of courthouse employees in order to facilitate their recruitment and retention, while the labor shortage is causing delays.

“It is essential that the Minister be able to offer competitive salaries,” insisted André A. Morin. “We have to restore the confidence of litigants,” said the MP for Acadie, calling on Simon Jolin-Barette to “act now”.

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