Nurses run from hospital to hospital for mental health

Nurses run from hospital to hospital for mental health

Several participants at Hotel Dieu, Montreal.

Several nurses traveled 50 kilometers on Sunday connecting nine hospitals and three CHSLDs in Montreal to highlight the importance of preserving mental health.

This event entitled “Running from one hospital to another” was part of Mental Health Week which ends today. This race kicked off National Nursing Week which will take place from May 9 to 15.

Nurses Sarah Bachand, Natalia Mursa Curchi, Rosein (Gülin) Yilmaz and Mélanie Myrand, who participated in this race, arrived at their final destination at 2:30 p.m. at the Mont-Royal belvedere, under a blazing sun. Hospital staff and the public were invited to join the journey by running, walking or cycling.

Quite a sporting achievement! The runners left this morning at 8 a.m. from the Lakeshore General Hospital in Pointe-Claire. Throughout the day, they stopped at several places, including the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, the Verdun Hospital, the McGill University Health Center, the University of Montreal Hospital Center and the Hotel Dieu of Montreal.

“We are not in competition mode. We are having fun! I run a lot to get to my job. I travel 16 kilometers round trip every day,” says Sarah Bachand, contacted by phone before the race, who works at the LaSalle Hospital.

A nurse for 18 years, this cause is close to her heart: “The first wave of the pandemic was very difficult mentally. To overcome these difficult ordeals, we had no choice but to take care of ourselves.”

This race was also an opportunity to pay tribute to Sonia Brown, a nurse who ended her life in March 2021. “We do demanding, exhausting work. During the pandemic, I volunteered to go to CHSLDs […]. On my first day, there were 14 deaths. The things I saw still trouble me today,” she says. The Brown family was also present at this event to highlight the importance of mental health resources.

The second edition of “Running from one hospital to another” was praised by the Mouvement Mental Health Quebec. This year, members of the nursing staff from Estrie and Vaudreuil-Dorion also took part in this event in their regions.

“Movement is good for mental health […]. We know that there is a high level of distress in the health sector. We must all be in solidarity with their work. Never forget that these are people who are there for us,” says Renée Ouimet, director of Mouvement Santé Mentale Québec, who thanks them for supporting this cause.

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