OD: Claudie and Mathieu's pandemic years rank in their “top 3”

OD: Claudie and Mathieu's pandemic years rank in their «top 3

The star couple of Occupation double Sud Afrique, Claudie and Mathieu, have blossomed more than ever during the pandemic. They go so far as to say that these two pandemic years rank in their “top 3”. Together, they come out stronger.

In the spring of 2020, when the first wave of COVID-19 violently hit all of Quebec, the young couple had just come out of the Double Occupancy adventure.

< p>Claudie and Mathieu then quietly began to tame their new life as influencers. “It hadn't been that long since we had emerged from the little cocoon in which we were in Africa,” says Claudie Mercier.

This return to reality, which comes with a sometimes dizzying new notoriety, has caused a lot of anxiety for Claudie. “I didn't really understand what was going on because I had a fullnice pass. When I was at OD, I wasn't stressed, so I didn't understand why it was picking up again,” she explains.

However, if Claudie was normally used to escaping her anxieties by leaving her home, this was no longer possible during confinement. “The pandemic still changed my life on another level in the sense that it allowed me to help myself with problems that, perhaps, I could run away from before,” she mentions.


Influencers stuck at home

Although some have experienced their worst moments during this health crisis, Claudie and Mathieu affirm that these last years were their most beautiful. “Top 3 or top 4 I would say,” launches Mathieu Pellerin. But the duo owes this to the fact that the profession of influencer can be exercised easily in the comfort of their living room.

Indeed, as a content creator on social networks, Claudie succeeds in flourishing with teleworking. “I can do everything at home. For that, I was really lucky. My work has not stopped. God bless!”, she specifies. 

For his part, Mathieu also underlines that the pandemic has been beneficial for his career. In March 2020, the young man planned to invest in catering, becoming a co-owner of franchises. “I changed my plan,” he laughs. I choked that.”

Stuck at home, he started making videos that were broadcast live on the Twitch platform., which he always wanted to do. “I tried for fun! And every month it gets bigger and bigger. So it's really cooland it's encouraging,” he continues. 

Engagement in the middle of a crisis

In addition to being advantageous for their professional life, the health crisis has been favorable for Claudie and Mathieu. The two lovebirds, who have spent the vast majority of their life together during the pandemic, even got engaged in the midst of the crisis, a little over a year ago.

“In the first months, we was still a young couple. We spent all our time together and it brought us closer, underlines Mathieu. Me, I'm big chilling and Clau is really addicted, so it was like the best of both worlds.”

Claudie also mentions that she no longer felt bad about stay at home and not see her friends. “That's when I actually realized that I was so good at home and so good with my little family,” she says. 

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