OD's Jenny opens up about her new life

Jenny d’OD confides on her new life

Jenny had made her mark at Occupation Double in the West.

Content creator and ex-Occupation Double in the West contestant, Jenny, shares news about her new life… in Paris!

Indeed, it was via an  story Instagram that she expressed herself on the subject.

“ Hello everybody! So, that's a little updateof life at Jenny in Paris, it will be since November (…) almost two months since I moved here. In two months (…) I will tell you everything that happened! I made three moves, then I had the flu twice… like the flu or I don’t know, the seasonal flu! Thank you to everyone coughing in the streets and in the subway (…) coughing in my face, it's really fun(laughs). But, finally, I arrived in my official apartment (…) I will stay for a year here. It's beyond all the expectations I had, he's perfect, he's so me then I'm so excited to be here (…) Thanks to mom dad who helped me move these other two times (…) So that's it, little update of my life from Jenny in Paris and we'll talk to you again soon!”, shared Jenny, who seems to have had an eventful life since her arrival in the capital of France!

Jenny d’OD confides in her new life

However, the flu and moving house didn't prevent Jenny from showing us, through her Instagram, her most beautiful looks and the beautiful settings of Paris!

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by JENNY (@jennyofficiell)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by JENNY (@jennyofficiell)

Recall that the influencer notably chose to settle in the City of Light since it was there that her mother discovered that she was pregnant with her and that an attachment has since been created for the young woman.

Happiness to Jenny in her new life!

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