Of Course: a video game to promote their album

Of Course: a video game to promote their album

The Montréal brawl video game has been available since October 4.

Want to get involved with Quebec singers and rappers? This is what the video game Montréal brawl offers you.

Montreal band Of Course is launching a video game today to promote their latest album, Montr​é​al brawl 2, available since May 13th.

Inspired by the “beat them all” games of the 1990s, Montréal brawl allows players to embody one of the four members of the group Of Course for a fight against singers and rappers from Quebec.

The enemies in the game are Kirouac, Vendou, Xela Edna, Virginie B , Dope.gng, Catboot and Mantisse (LaF).

The video game available in web version, as well as on Android and iPhone, was developed by Worthless Idea, an independent Quebec studio.

Users who will find themselves in the top 10 by the launch of the album, scheduled for October 26 at Ausgang Plaza, will receive free tickets to the event. The first in the top 10 will also win group merchandise.

Of Course: a video game to promote their album

Photo: Courtesy, Of Course

Playful promotion

In an interview with Metro, the singer of the group, Will Maurer , explains that the idea of ​​​​the video game dates from the beginning of the pandemic.

“We did a few live shows on social networks,” says Will Maurer, adding that the group began to think of a way to reach the public.

“I got into the idea of ​​making a video game. I started on my own at first, but after three days I gave up a bit,” he laughs.

That's when Will Maurer decided to approach Raphael Huot of Worthless Idea, but as Of Course's means were limited, the design of the video game started very slowly. However, when the band signed with Coyote Records, the project was revived, with the latter being excited by the idea.

Asked about the reaction of artists who were offered to play “bad guys”, Will Maurer says they reacted very well.

To make the video game, we had to capture, digitize. We had to do all the poses we were going to do in the video game.

Will Maurer, lead singer of Of Course

Like in his living room

When we asks why the Montréal brawl 2 launch event is taking place more than five months after the release of the digital version of the album, Will Maurer explains that the group wanted to wait until the video game was ready .

He also mentions that the album was composed during the pandemic and that the band wanted to release it quickly to move on.

For the October 26th launch , a lounge will also be set up at Ausgang Plaza to allow the public to play video games alongside the concert.

Will Maurer confirms that guests will be present and will participate in the concert, including Kirouac, Vendou and Dope. gng.

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