Of the patients in the emergency department of the CHU de Québec redirected to clinical

Des patients des urgences du CHU de Québec réorientés vers des cliniques

Patients who do not require to see a doctor in the emergency department are now redirected to the clinics.

January 9, 2020-4: 00 am

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Of the patients in the emergency department of the CHU de Québec redirected to clinical

Des patients des urgences du CHU de Québec réorientés vers des cliniques

Elizabeth Fleury

The Sun


Patients who go to CHUL, to the Hospital of Saint-Sacrement and Hôpital de l’enfant-Jesus, and the condition does not require to see a physician in the emergency department are now being redirected to clinics or supercliniques, learned about The Sun. More than 400 patients have so far been able to benefit from this new protocol, which will be deployed to the Hospital of St. Francis of Assisi and the Hotel-Dieu of Quebec in 2020.

“We started where we had a lot of potential, reorientation, and the clinical or supercliniques nearby,” explains Pierre-Patrick Dupont, director of customer emergencies of the CHU de Québec.

The protocol of redirection of patients was first put in place last June at the CHUL, where patients whose medical condition so allows are redirected to two supercliniques, The medical City, on boulevard Laurier, and the medical Clinic, Saint-Louis, on the way to Saint-Louis.

It was then deployed at the end of the summer at the Hospital of the Holy Sacrament, where the emergency has an agreement of redirection with the GMF of Sillery, and then just recently at the Hospital of the Child Jesus, who directs the minor to the superclinique Promenades Beauport (medical Clinic of the Walks).

The CHU de Québec is currently in discussion with other clinical and supercliniques that could accommodate the patients rated P4 or P5 (the least urgent) of its emergency room, according to Pierre-Patrick Dupont. By the end of the year, the protocol should have been deployed in the five emergency department of the CHU of Québec, provides for Mr. Dupont. “The next step, it is Saint Francis of Assisi,” where the measure will be put in place in the coming weeks, he said.

According to Pierre-Patrick Dupont, “not all patients P4 or P5 will be automatically redirected to clinics”. “It reorients people according to the signs and symptoms they present. The patient P4, who has a lumbar pain that prevents him from moving because he stood in the back and who arrives by ambulance, it is maybe going to be hospitalized even if it is a P4, for example. It is necessary to go there with a clinical judgment before redirect.”

Under agreements between the CHU de Québec and the participating clinics, they give their ranges of available consultation to the emergency room. The emergency shall then communicate with the clinic to advise that she will send him a patient. “When the patient, he leaves with his leaf yard, and he goes to the clinic who waits”, summarizes the director of customer emergencies of the CHU de Québec.

“It is done by the following feedback to ensure that it is the good customer who has been redirected and that it has been well received”, he says.

Up here, “it’s going very well”, but some patients still refuse to be reoriented, says Mr. Dupont. “Patients, nurses, and clinics like it. It is very fluid.” According to him, the participating clinics are between six and eight beaches of consultation per day at the disposal of the emergencies.

Where to consult?

You have a flu or a gastro? The CIUSSS of the National Capital reminds us that the service 8-1-1 is available seven days a week, 24 hours on 24 to give you advice. If your condition is not an emergency and that you have a family doctor, it is to his clinic should be consulted.

If you do not have a family doctor, you can visit one of the seven supercliniques of Quebec, or those of the medical Clinic, Saint-Louis, The medical City, the medical Centre Le Mesnil, of the medical Clinic of Walks, from Proactive Health, MAclinique Lebourgneuf and Clinique médicale Val-Bélair.

Two clinical winter have also been established in The medical City of Sainte-Foy and MAclinique Lebourgneuf for patients without a family doctor.

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