Of three to eight years for conspiracy pedophile

De trois à huit ans pour un complot pédophile

January 10, 2020 4: 00


Of three to eight years for conspiracy pedophile

De trois à huit ans pour un complot pédophile

Guillaume Roy

The Daily


In July 2018, Martin Duquette, and an accomplice attempted to kidnap a young girl of 8 years to sell the child to a criminal group for the purpose of abusing them sexually, but the latter informed the police of the plot on the day of the event. During submissions on sentencing of the accused, held on Thursday at the Palais de Justice de Roberval, the Crown asked for eight years of incarceration and ten years of supervision ; and the defence proposed a sentence of three years in prison and three to five years of monitoring.

From the beginning of the representation, the attorney of the Rack, Julie Lajoie, pointed to the serious facts against Martin Duquette, who had planned to abduct a child. “Mr. Duquette wanted to find a toy to give to a criminal group, so its members can sexually abuse the child, has told this last. Why ? Because for mr. Duquette, a toy, a child, as evidenced by a text message sent to his accomplice : “You should see some of the beautiful toys that are playing with the girl [XXX].” “

It is not clear if Martin Duquette wanted to actually give the child over to a criminal group or use it to satisfy his own needs, because man has not collaborated with the experts of the tribunal, has noticed Me Julie Lajoie. In addition to the conspiracy to kidnap a child, he has not collaborated in the investigation on two cases of child pornography, which has, among other things, demonstrated that Martin Duquette has passed between 10 and 12 pictures of child pornography to his accomplice.

Martin Duquette, who was arrested on August 23, 2018, has also pleaded guilty to having transmitted the child pornography and the use of means of telecommunication, in order to provide a sexual assault on a child and kidnapping. The man has also been convicted of shoplifting and breach of probation. He recognized that he had tampered with 40 methamphetamines per day in addition to uttering death threats at a police officer. It would be even bragged to consume between 10 and 50 methamphetamine per day.

The Crown prosecutor asked that Martin Duquette spends eight years behind bars, in addition to to remain under supervision for ten years.

According to the defence lawyer, Me Denis Otis, the award should be based on the crime committed and the code, not according to what might occur. “At this stage, Madam judge, you may not sentencier for something that didn’t happen “, pleaded the latter, without, however, minimize the importance of the crimes recognized by its client.

Me Otis believes that Martin Duquette demonstrates several characteristics of a mythomaniac, pretending to particularly deal a hundred kilograms of cocaïnes per week in the region, an element which has not been withheld by the prosecution.

The defence counsel has cited the recent case of two men who had been convicted of child pornography and sexual abuse of six and four minor and were sentenced to nine and eight years in prison.

To comply with the order of severity of the crime, the latter was therefore suggested that a sentence of imprisonment of up to three years. Given that Martin Duquette has already past 504 days in jail, with time and a half, it would remain 11 months to spend behind bars.

Me Julie Lajoie believes, however, that the thick criminal record of the man, who commits crimes for the past 25 years, imposes a more serious sanction, to protect the population.

“He had the plan to remove a child to sexually abuse, she said. This is a man who has spent his life breaking the law. “

Given the seriousness of the crime, the judge Isabelle Boillat, of the Court of Québec, will also have to determine if Martin Duquette should be declared an offender to be monitored, during his decision on the penalty, which should be returned by 10 February.

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