Olive trees with (still) pandemic flavor

Olive-trees with flavor (still ) pandemic

Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais

It was in an atmosphere still marked by Covid-19 that the 23rd edition of the Gala Les Olivier was held on Sunday evening. A somewhat bland evening, which saw Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais rewarded three times and which ended with the coronation of Mariana Mazza carrying the coveted title of Olivier of the year.

It's a second for the comedian who won the same honor in 2017.

Few laughs

Comedian François Bellefeuille hosted this new edition of the Gala for a second time. His opening number struggled to generate laughs, leaving a lukewarm atmosphere in the room, a feeling accentuated by the mandatory social distancing.

Other comedians also took to the stage during the evening to share a few jokes and present prizes.

The various sketches that punctuated the evening did not make people burst out laughing either.< /p>

François Bellefeuille's interviews with the nominees during which he taunted them or questioned them about their salary were the funniest moments of the evening.

The prizes

For a second year, several awards related to the show and the stage had to be set aside, including the Olivier for show of the year, Covid-19 obliges.

At the top of the nominations, the he excellent popular humorist Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais left with the Olivier for the discovery of the year, that of the web capsule of the year as well as that of the number of the year, for which he delivered a very good speech of thanks saluting the audacity and denouncing the beige requirements of the diffusers. Unfortunately, he was unable to pocket the ultimate Olivier of the Year award, for which he was also nominated.

On the TV side, the programs Les beaux malaises 2.0, Les appendices and Entre deux sheets each left with an Olivier in their respective category.

Jean-Sébastien Girard won the Olivier for humorous radio capsule or sketch of the year.

Finally, the podcasts The worst moments in history with Charles Beauchesne and Everyone hates each other by Marylène Gendron and Sam Cyr each pocketed a statuette.

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