On vacation with Jack Johnson

On vacation with Jack Johnson< /p>

Was it the beach? Was it an all inclusive in the south? Never mind, the Plains of Abraham took on the air of a vacation on Thursday evening during the visit of former professional surfer Jack Johnson.

It’s with a simple “Good evening!” launched in French that the musician from Honolulu in Hawaii took the stage before launching his performance with If I Had EyesandFlake. However, it is from the third song, the hit You and Your Heart, that we felt the crowd get on board more. This immediately followed Sitting, Waiting, Wishing. 

Then, as others have done at past editions of the Summer Festival, Johnson threw a point at the spectators of the Avant-Scène and VIP areas. “I don't know what's going on, but it dances a lot more here,” he lamented, pointing to people in general admission before accusing those on the other side of the security corridor of “chilling” a bit too much.

One Step Ahead, Upside Down, Inaudible Melodies continued the evening with additions to the planned program including a cover of The Joker by the Steve Miller Band.

Then in a moment of confusion with his musicians, he joked about asking fans if they had any special requests as he was “looking to figure out what the next song would be.”

Viewers then got to hear Meet the Moonlight< /em>, Breakdown, I Got Youand Don't Look Now.Difficult, however, to say that the Plains were unanimous in the face of the performance of the artist. The biggest reaction came during a French performance during Belle.

The regular portion of the concert concluded with Good People, then after a call for form by the crowd, Johnson returned with Do You Remember, Home, Angel and Better Together.

Special mention to the dance moves of pianist and accordionist Zach Gill who impressed at times during the evening.

X Ambassadors does not disappoint< /h2>

Earlier, Metrowent to the Parc de la Francophonie where two stages have been set up side by side to reduce the waiting time between concerts. Our attention turned to the New York quartet X Ambassadors who were on their second visit to the Festival d'été de Québec and whose last visit to the region was at the Festivent de Lévis in 2019.

From the start of their performance around 8:00 p.m., the site was already full and the queue to access it was getting longer around it. Incidentally, around 8:15 p.m., the Summer Festival announced that the maximum capacity was about to be reached.  The band members took the stage to the sound of Jungle, before continuing with My Own Monster and Boom.

< p>Energetic and in voice, the singer Sam Nelson Harris knew how to have a good time for the thousands of lucky people who were in the enclosure where the concert took place. The program included a total of thirteen tracks, including Ahead Of Myself and Beautiful Liar. The band's performance ended with Unsteady and the smash hit Renegades. From the opening notes of the premiere, thousands of cellphones rose skyward, first to immortalize the moment, then to serve as lanterns in the second portion of the room. As for Renegades, it was requested by fans of the group from the last notes and was definitely the highlight of this portion of the evening.

Only downside, a technical problem at the screens of the site for almost a song shortly before the halfway point. Note that a large portion of the audience seemed to be present for the group since a large crowd movement towards the exit followed the end of the show.

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