One in four Quebecers contracted COVID-19 between December and March

One in four Quebecers contracted COVID-19 between December and March

More than one in four adults (27.8% ) developed COVID-19 antibodies between the start of the year and mid-March, according to a new blood donor seroprevalence study conducted by Héma-Québec.

It’s thanks donors registered in the PLASCOV program that the researchers were able to collect this data.

“Héma-Québec has privileged access to donors who generously agree to participate in such studies and from whom samples can be easily obtained and analyzed in our laboratories,” explained Dr. Marc Germain, Vice-President Medical Affairs and innovation, in a press release.

Tests carried out on those who have had COVID-19

The analyzes were carried out with a test which makes it possible to identify the antibodies present only in people who have recently been infected with COVID-19. The researchers therefore compare the level of antibodies – in the same individual – on two samples spaced in time.

This is what allowed them to deduce that more than 25% of the population in Quebec would have contracted COVID-19 between the end of the year 2021 and March 2022.

< p>“Seroprevalence studies are proving to be very useful to public health authorities in monitoring the evolution of the pandemic,” said Dr Gaston De Serres, chief physician in the Immunization unit of the National Institute of Public Health. of Quebec.

“The data is also essential to validate the models that are used to predict the evolution of the pandemic,” he added.

Héma-Québec collects the impacts of COVID-19

Since beginning of the sixth pandemic wave, Héma-Québec is unable to meet its weekly objectives, due to appointment cancellations by people with COVID-19. This situation will therefore eventually have an impact on the blood supply.

Héma-Québec is therefore appealing for the necessary number of donations.

The Organization invites anyone to make an appointment on the website at, or at 1 800 343-7264 (SANG).

Every 80 seconds, someone has need a blood donation in Quebec.
It takes 1,000 donations a day to meet the needs of hospitals.

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