Only positive vibes with the music of P'tit Belliveau at the Francos

Only positive vibes with P’Tit Belliveau's music at the Francos

With his banjo, his suit and tie, his Accadian accent, P'tit Belliveau is at first not see what we can define as cool. And yet, the artist emanates a relaxed spirit and his music, positive vibes. “What's really cool is not trying to be cool […] Stop being cool today! “, he declared to the Francos Friday evening. 

Less than two months after releasing his second album A man and his piano in a sold-out Club soda, P'tit Belliveau was back in the legendary performance hall for another sold-out concert.< /p>

The one who drew a crowd last September in front of the main stage of the Francos was once again on the bill of the festival program, this time for an indoor concert. 

Montrealers are definitely fans of the folk-country music with electro accents of P'tit Belliveau, who we discovered as a finalist in the Les Francouvertes showcase competition three years ago.

C t is also one of the winners of the 2019 edition of Francouvertes, rapper Franky Fade of the group OGB (Original Gros Bonnet), who was in charge of the first part of the show on Friday evening. “Fun fact, the first time I met P'tit Belliveau and his band was right here at Club Soda at the Francouvertes final,” he said. .

The rapper “warmed up” the crowd with several of her songs, a majority of which were from her debut album, CONTRADICTIONS.

A man and his banjo

After an intermission, P'tit Belliveau and his group, who were returning from France, took over, all dressed in a suit or tie.  

The singer-songwriter opened the concert with three songs from his debut album Greatest Hits Vol. 1, Water between my fingers, Cool when yer old and Moosehorn lake.

On the screen behind the musicians are projected sometimes psychadelic sometimes comical images , such as cartoons of farm animals or a humorous montage of P'tit Belliveau having a boxing match.

Proud of his origins, the singer from Baie-Ste-Marie in New -Scotland interpreted My Acadjonne flag is from Taiwanwith a hat in the colors of his region while huge Acadian flags fluttered among the crowd. a song by the metal band Papa Roach. From then on, the audience, who showed their appreciation with nods, were really heated. 

We're not here to be cool we're here to have fun!

Little Belliveau

The second part of the show featured more songs from his latest album like I feel like an alien, Tomorrow and RRSP. “All good things come to an end… But what has no end is my love for you guys! Say I love you to the person on your right”, launched the artist all smiles to his fans.

After the love, the party! P’tit Belliveau still finished strong with, as a reminder, I would like to have a John Deereand the sensational Income Taxwhile balloons and inflatable animals rocketed through the room. 

Never two without three, as the saying goes, since the Acadian will be back at club soda next year, April 15, 2023.

Only positive vibes with the music of P’belliveau at the Francos

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Only positive waves with the music of P’belliveau at the Francos

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