OnlyFans is a step forward for feminism, says Hélène Boudreau

OnlyFans is a step forward for feminism, says Hélène Boudreau

Adult content creator Hélène Boudreau, also known as “the daughter of UQAM”, believes that rather than harming her, the OnlyFans platform helps advance the feminist cause within society.

This is the message she sent on Friday evening, when she was invited to the show “Le monde à l'envers”. Asked about the compatibility between pornography and feminism, Hélène Boudreau argued that feminism “is open-mindedness” and “it's accepting all of a woman's choices”.

The entrepreneur sees the OnlyFans service, which she describes as “a Facebook for adults”, as a step forward for feminism in that the platform allows women who want to “take power over their bodies and decide to sell the image of one's body”.

“It's a step forward because before, it was men who owned the porn“, she argued.

Hélène Boudreau notably denounced the existence of double standards, which mean that males exercising the same profession are generally treated differently. She also questioned the consideration of her profession in society.

“I wonder why it’s socially acceptable to ask a porn star how much she makes, when it’s not socially acceptable when you ask a lawyer or an accountant. Why do we allow ourselves to ask him? ”, she underlined.

I describe myself as a porn star. I do it mainly for my freedom.

Hélène Boudreau, entrepreneur and creator of adult content.

Remember that Hélène Boudreau had acquired a certain notoriety after sharing her graduating photo on Instagram on which her breasts were uncovered.

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