Open letter about the abolitionism of Alexandre Leduc

Open letter to ; about the abolitionism of Alexandre Leduc

Alexandre Leduc.

OPEN LETTER – In an open letter, citizens are calling on Québec Solidaire to set the record straight on the positions taken for the abolition of sex work by the incumbent Member of Parliament for Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Alexandre Leduc, as well as his involvement in the Special Commission on the Sexual Exploitation of Minors. As of this writing, the letter, posted online on the evening of September 13, has garnered more than 500 signatures.

The question of the rights of sex workers being an important issue for the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district, the signatories find it risky that an abolitionist candidate is campaigning there behind a program that claims ” to recognize and support prostitutes /sex workers as main actors in the social, political and legislative changes that affect them”.

The letter reports events during which Alexandre Leduc promoted his ideals abolitionists in his first term, and questions whether he was chosen to sit on the Special Commission on the Sexual Exploitation of Minors, considering that many abolitionist organizations had strong interests in this commission and that Martine B. Côté, his spouse, an abolitionist activist, testified there (the overrepresentation of abolitionists during this commission was deplored by two organizations directly affected by the issues that the commission was addressing: Stella, Maimie's friend and the PiAMP).

It is following the refusal of Alexandre Leduc to answer their questions publicly during the present campaign that a group of citizens undertook the writing of this letter. To vote in an informed manner, they contact Québec Solidaire and ask two questions: Will Alexandre Leduc once again have the space to promote his abolitionist positions under the solidarity banner in the event of a second term? Moreover, if he is re-elected, what concrete measures will allow Québec Solidaire to prevent the personal interests of Mr. Leduc, which a large part of his electorate does not even know, from affecting the lives of sex workers in 'Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, to the detriment of other sociopolitical approaches to these realities?

Since it was put online, several elected officials have viewed publications about the letter. None have reacted or responded yet. You can read the full letter, with sources, by clicking here.

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