Orange juice could be in short supply. here's why

The orange juice could be in short supply. Here's why

There could be a shortage of orange juice concentrate and nectar soon, which could cause the price of juice to rise orange.

There could be less and less orange juice at the grocery store, or even a shortage, due to a global shortage of orange concentrate and nectar, essential material for the production of orange juice . This situation has led to the imposition of quotas for any company wishing to obtain concentrate, which will reduce global production and reduce the amount of juice on the shelves.

The National Interprofessional Union of Fruit Juices (Unijus) is concerned about this situation and believes that a domino effect on all pure juices will be felt in the coming weeks. The organization explains that climate change is the main cause of this shortage, causing hurricanes and droughts which affect the production of oranges.

The weather in question

“Florida's production has never been so low following Hurricane Ian in September 2022. While demand for American orange juice is still strong, American production has been falling steadily for 10 years to be only 16 million boxes in 2022-2023 against another 41 million boxes the previous year. Mexican production intended mainly for the ordinary American market has also fallen by 30% this year due to the drought,” reads the press release from the organization.

The pressure is therefore on Brazil, the world’s largest supplier of orange juice, to maintain a constant production rate, or even increase this rate, to compensate for the effects felt elsewhere.

This situation is expected to last until ;in October 2023, coinciding with the next orange juice harvest which will start in June 2023. Unijus warns people that the price of orange juice will increase significantly in grocery stores.

There is it's not just orange juice producers who are facing a difficult situation; sriracha sauce is also disappearing from grocery shelves due to droughts in California, which are making it difficult to harvest red jalapeño peppers, the main ingredient of this popular sauce.

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