Osheaga Tickets: Beware of Scams

Osheaga tickets: beware of scams&nbsp ;

Ads from people looking to sell or buy tickets to Osheaga this weekend are pouring in on social media. A great opportunity for mischievous minds to scam and a risk for others to be tricked. 

This is what happened to Marie, who agreed to tell her story to Subway. As some days of the festival are sold out, she had to turn to Facebook to find a ticket.  

Someone was offering him a $150 ticket. The person's profile looked normal: tagged photos, friends, comments, etc. We were far from the obvious fake account.  

The person showed Marie a screenshot of the ticket and a receipt. Marie therefore transferred the money in two instalments, one before receiving the note, the other after, to be sure.  

The seller sent him the tickets via the Ticketmaster platform. But when Marie saw her ticket, she noticed that it was not identical to the ones her friends had purchased legitimately. When she followed up with the person she had made the transaction with, Marie was blocked. 

Marie called Osheaga directly at this time and was unfortunately confirmed that she had just get ripped off. 

Osheaga's response 

“The only way to ensure the validity of your Osheaga tickets is to buy them through evenko.ca, the official source for tickets,” Osheaga's press relations department tells Subway

Faced with the increased number of scam attempts on the internet, the festival has also made a publication on its social networks, indicating that it was absolutely necessary to go through the official site to get information. legitimate tickets.  

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“We cannot guarantee the legitimacy of tickets purchased from resellers,” the post reads. 

If Marie's reseller had been honest, he would have transferred her ticket via the official festival app, not via Ticketmaster.  

It is also important to note that tickets are only on the festival app. There are no wristbands, paper tickets, emails or any other form of pass.  

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