Ottawa 4/Quebec 3: hopes fade

Ottawa 4/Québec 3: les espoirs diminuent

Thanks to a double hit by David Salgueiro, Connor Panas (29) has been pushed to the marble.

August 20, 2019 23h56


Ottawa 4/Quebec 3: hopes fade

Ottawa 4/Québec 3: les espoirs diminuent

Jean-François Tardif

The Sun


The hopes of the Capitals to make the series have gone down again on Tuesday evening. Those Champions, their rivals at municipal Stadium, remained alive. With a surge of four points in the fourth, the men of Sebastien Boucher have resisted a push late Caps, and it is by a score of 4 to 3 that they have defeated the training in quebec before 3472 lovers.

The “Boulders” that have divided the honors of the dual program that they argued to the Jackals, and the Capitals have slid to six games of Rockland and the fourth level of the classification of the Can-Am.

“At least it was a good game of baseball,” said manager Patrick Scalabrini. It is a time when one wants the guy to give a maximum effort. We play the last meetings hoping to go in search of victories. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and juice a little bit at the end. But I am satisfied. We took the winning point at the stick.

“We were behind 4 to 0 early in the game, and ultimately, it would have been able to go from one edge to the other. The guys came back, they fought. I’m glad that side at least.”

The manager did not hide that in the beginning of the game, his people had failed once again to opportunism by leaving runners in position to count. “It’s a bit the story of our season. But it looks like the launcher on the other side [Jared Mortensen] we held. He has done it. It was not comfortable. Then we boarded a couple of guys on the goals, but no more. It was not until the end of the game that we have been able to generate a little more attack against him.”

“We were behind 4 to 0 early in the game, and ultimately, it would have been able to go from one edge to the other. The guys came back, they fought. I’m glad this side at least.”

Patrick Scalabrini

For his part, the manager Sébastien Boucher shone with the result of the victory gained by his people. “It is sure that today [yesterday] it was a big game. The Capitals have taken the momentum from the seventh and the crowd was with them, so that these were difficult times. But when our pitchers are able to face the ordeal and to keep ahead of the team, it gives us a good chance to win.”

The match

The starter Karl Gélinas has had a strong start even if the Champions have placed runners in each of their first three at bat, two of which are rendered to the second goal. But the veteran pitcher was in control and he has put an end to the threat.

The Capitals had their best opportunity to break the ice in the third. With Yordan Manduley at the second, T. J. White hit a ball away in the left side but the right fielder Connor Panas has captured the shot at the warning track.

The starting Capitals has again complicated the life in the fourth. And this time, he paid the price. With Michael Bacca and Brian Portelli on the trail, the right-hander has given a long tour with Larry Balkwill. It was 3 to 0 for Ottawa. The visitors then added another point on double consecutive Nick Detringo and Malik Collymore.

Questioned if with a lead of 4 to 0, his men were maybe a bit taken victory for granted, Boucher explained that the pitcher Karl Gélinas was calmed down after the fourth which allowed him to regain his form.

“From there, it has been able to manage pretty well. Subsequently, the lift came and they stopped us to increase our lead. I think this was a good match from both sides.”

The premises have broken the ice at the end of the seventh. With Panas and Zach Wilson on goals, David Salgueiro hit a double that has prompted Panas to the marble. This sure has driven out of the match Jared Mortensen, the starter of Champions. Thereafter, the batter alternate Brandon Fisher hit a ball, a sacrifice that bore the mark 4 to 2. In the eighth, the Capitals have added a point thanks to a simple Jhalan Jackson who has made from Stayler Hernandez. In the ninth, the locals have placed two riders on the trails but they were unable to enjoy it.


A month later

The meeting Tuesday was the first of a month between the Capitals and the Champions. The last game between the two teams, played on the 21st of July, ended in a general dog fight. David Salgueiro had first mocked the bench of Champions after hitting a triple that tied it 4 4 at the end of the 11th round. Eduard Pinto had gone to his heels and had struck a strong blow after which the player of the Caps had fallen to the ground. The two shelters were emptied in the mean time. The confrontation had finally been able to come to an end once the calm returned, but without the presence of four players who have been expelled, or Salgueiro and Lachlan Fontaine, in Capitals, as well as Pinto and Jordan Caillouet in the Champions. The four athletes were then subjected to the ire of the authorities of the League, Can-Am, Salgueiro, Fountain and Glorius being suspended for three matches and Pinto for 10.

Time is of the essence

The time is running out for the Capitals. Before the confrontation yesterday, they were 5.5 games of the Boulders in Rockland and a participation in the series and it left them with only 13 matches played in the regular season, seven of which face the Champions of Ottawa, who are ahead of the Québécois by a game in the standings and therefore, are pushing for a place in the playoff post-season in the League and Can-Am. For their part, the Boulders still had 14 meetings to their calendar.

In short

Philippe Aumont, of Champions, was the pitcher par excellence of the League Can-Am for the last week. The launcher in quebec is reported in establishing a new brand for withdrawals at bat in a season in the League, Can-Am, or 131, in a victory of 15 to 0 of his followers at the expense of New Jersey. The old mark of 130 was John Kelly, a record that he had established in 2007 as he had worn the colors of the Rox Brockton and Jackals….

Karl Gélinas was on Tuesday, his third start in the face of the Champions in 2019. It presented an average of points earned 3.00 in the face of the team from the capital federal….

The confrontation of yesterday was the 13th this season between the Capitals and the Champions. Quebec had won eight of the first 12 duels.

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