Ottawa is going to prohibit the advertising of on the vaping targeting young people

Ottawa va interdire la publicité sur le vapotage ciblant les jeunes

17 December, 14 cases of pulmonary disease associated with smoking had been reported to the public health Agency of Canada.

December 19, 2019 22h10


Ottawa is going to prohibit the advertising of on the vaping targeting young people

The canadian Press


OTTAWA — Health Canada is proposing, as has been done in Quebec, to prohibit the advertisement of products of vaping where young people can see it, in order to slow down the increase in the consumption of electronic cigarettes among minors. Measures that would be shown not to be effective up here in Quebec.

The minister Patty Hajdu has presented Thursday from new federal rules that would forbid the promotion of vaping in specialty stores, shops and online platforms frequented by young people. Ms Hajdu has also announced that the packaging of the products of vaping should include warnings of public health and be ” child-proof “. Ottawa also plans to limit the nicotine content of the liquids of vaping in order to reduce the risk of poisoning in case of accidental consumption by a child.

The federal government has held consultations this year on measures to restrict the advertising of electronic cigarettes, in the face of the data increasingly demonstrate that the vaping is growing in popularity among teens. According to the canadian Survey on tobacco, alcohol and drug use among students in 2018-2019, the rate of consumption of electronic cigarettes by high school students has doubled since 2016-2017.

The measures on the promotion of the products of vaping proposed Thursday by the federal government exist primarily in Quebec since 2016, said Thursday the quebec Coalition for tobacco control. However, ” in the current context, they have not been sufficient to prevent the continued increase of smoking among adolescents québécois “.

“Instead of just levelling out of the federal measures to what exists in Quebec, why not propose restrictions to be stronger and more effective than those that have already proven to be powerless to curb the increase in smoking among young people ?”, request Flory Doucas, co-director and spokesperson of the quebec Coalition for tobacco control. “Restrictions on urgent flavors, and on the concentration of nicotine were there already for a very long time, and there is still no firm commitment from the federal government for putting in place such measures within a specific timeline and fast.

“The standardization of the products of smoking and their packaging, as well as specific taxes on the products themselves to counter the strategies of low prices are also needed”, she added.

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