Ouioknon: the quest for web nuggets

Ouioknon: the quê te to the nuggets of the web 

Do you like quirky humor? The feeling of surprise when what is being said is completely disconnected from the person saying it? For example, an elderly person who says nonsense, Jean Airoldi who hurls sartorial insults, Yves P. Pelletier in Karmina who asks a gender question. Well, we have the perfect memes page for you: ouioknon.

You share their memes every day , but know absolutely nothing about them and them. With the “Vu de meme” series, Métro lifts the veil on their creators, these unknown stars of social networks.

Behind this Instagram page, which has more than 13,000 subscribers, is Louis Cliche, a 34-year-old Montrealer. In real life, Louis is a lead brand designer for a private company, a job he never thought he was destined for.

“I have a backgroundin theater and improvisation. In my mid-twenties, I realized that what I had been doing since childhood no longer interested me so much. I went back to school in graphic design and have been practicing for five years, he says. Today, Ileada team in marketing, social media and brand design.” 

Creative, curious and always up for fun, Louis, who lives in Hochelaga and grew up in Boucherville, considers that his meme page completely reflects his personality.

His inspiration? Art in all its forms, but also and above all popular culture, particularly that of Quebec in the 1990s and 2000s, which fascinates him. On ouioknon, it is therefore not uncommon to come across Quebec icons such as Céline Dion, Véronique Cloutier or Mitsou, who are often his muses.

What Louis likes above all is spontaneous, improvised, and sometimes raw humor, which stems from the anecdote. Don't suggest he watch a comedy on TV, he won't laugh, he admits. On the other hand, the stories of Rosalie Vaillancourt and Maude Landry make him screw up.

A lifelong passion 

If ouioknon is the first public page where he shares his findings, his mad love for memes is not new. On Twitter, Reddit, and even Myspace, for as long as he can remember, Louis has always been on the hunt for the best memes and other funny videos. “Even as a child, I uploaded funny videos to Limewire,” he recalls.

And it is precisely his ability to find nuggets that made him successful on Instagram. By scrolling here and there, he records everything that makes him laugh, then when he's had enough, he publishes compilations on his page. These little pearls of the web also inspire him in the creation of his own memes, in which he likes to insert a so-called cheesy Quebec song in a video that has no connection with the tune.

“What sets me apart is the surprise. You never know what you're going to see on my page,” he says.

Surprised, we are certainly surprised when we scroll through its hilarious carousels which mix improbable videos, memes, archive images, and Quebec references. A nice mix, therefore, which allows it not to be restricted to a particular type of content.

“When I created this account, I was exclusively posting LGBT content, and I was like, 'hey, I'm not a gay character from a 90s soap opera, being gay is not a personality trait. I can have more than one niche and maybe my niche is not having that many,” he sums up.

Nothing serious?  

Despite the growing popularity of his page, Louis does not swell his head or fear losing one day ouioknon in the hands of malicious hackers.  

“The more the merrier! My community understands exactly my humor. I talk to a lot of my followers when I go out and my friends do my PR [laughter]. Sometimes, I stress knowing that thousands of people are watching me say nonsense in story, but I reassure myself by telling myself that they skip very quickly,” he says.

One thing is certain, even if the page disappears, he never intends to stop his quest for funny images and giggles on the web. “I love doing this and I will probably still do it at 50!” he says.

In the meantime, in addition to his work and Instagram, Louis also devotes himself to visual art. Under the pseudonym of Clic, he creates minimalist collages with a vintage look. Over the past few years, he has had the chance to do several projects and exhibitions.

“I've been exhibited in several theaters [Usine C, Centaur, La Chapelle], magazine editorials, TV sets, festival posters, and I really enjoyed giving workshops to children at MTL en Arts.” To be continued!

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