Our personalities of the year: Marie-Hélène Gendreau

Nos personnalités de l'année: Marie-Hélène Gendreau

Marie-Hélène Gendreau, actress, stage director and artistic director of the Periscope

30 December 2019 4: 00 am


Our personalities of the year: Marie-Hélène Gendreau

Nos personnalités de l'année: Marie-Hélène Gendreau

Josianne Desloges

The Sun


Marie-Hélène Gendreau began to 2019 by endorsing his first major role of contemporary theatre in “Rotterdam”, at the Lined, and finished in featuring “The duchess of Langeais” and “Hope Town”. Between the two, there has been a “Foreman”, co-directed with Olivier Arteau. In short, it was everywhere, in addition to fulfilling his role as artistic director of the Periscope.

At the dawn of the quarantine, she says awareness of its potential and gain confidence and instinct. It intends to continue its line-up of texts strong in staged flares, and schedule, despite the obstacles, the theatre of creation within the theatre that she manages.

Your more beautiful memory of 2019?

“When Michel Tremblay wrote to the staging of The duchess of Langeais. He said to me : “You have all the permissions you want, I can’t wait!” I was amazed that a large monument of quebec theatre trust young designers, they allow to express this as his text for them today. It gives me confidence in following my art, I found it so beautiful that the author, 50 years after he wrote the piece, is revived and quickened in the creation. The words of Keith Kouna, the music of Vincent Gagnon, the body of Fabien Piché, the talent of Jacques Leblanc, it was that it showed that the life of the character was fabulée at the end of its existence.”

Your favorite cultural or artistic of the year?

“I had Alexandra Stréliski in the ears throughout the year. I love the space it creates, the opening, the torment, melancholy. I feel deeply rooted in what I am when I listen to it. The contemporary composers, as she and Jean-Michel Blais, do a communion stunning and create with a freedom that is incredible. It inspires me a lot, both in my discipline and as a human.”

A disappointment in 2019?

“I find that Quebec City could do more for the environment and ecology. How is it that this is not still simple of composting in our homes? This is no longer the order of the detail, it was an emergency. Also, I conduct battles on a daily basis for my environment and it does not advance as fast as I would like. One must still remember how much it is profitable to the society to donate funds to the culture, how it can help people think together. With the theatre of creation, it is always a tightrope financially.”

That is what is coming to you in 2020?

“I’m going to create the mise en scene of the piece The children at the theatre Jean-Duceppe, a text which speaks of our legacy to the next generations and that raise moral dilemmas, interesting enough. My mise-en-scene of The duchess of Langeais will surely go on tour, that Hope Town will be presented to the Unicorn and Foreman will be represented here next fall. Madra, a psychological thriller that I mounted last year, is coming to the Periscope in march.”

What is your wish for the year 2020?

“In our current pace of performance, it is difficult to feel to listen to and very present for our loved ones who are paralyzed by anxiety, or by a mental health problem. I would like to organize better yet my time to not to feel guilty and feel myself in the right place at the right time. You must continue this famous search for balance.”

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