Our personalities of the year: Praise

Nos personnalités de l'année: Les Louanges

Vincent Roberge, aka The Praises

December 23, 2019 4: 00 am


Our personalities of the year: Praise

Nos personnalités de l'année: Les Louanges

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun


RETURN ON 2019 / He describes himself as a proud “ti-cul” de Lévis. This is Vincent Roberge, aka The Praises, making waves to the four corners of Québec and even in Europe. With his first full length album, “The night is a panther”, the author-composer-performer has not missed its entry in the great court.

Winner of the prix Félix-Leclerc, Hope-FEQ and Rapsat-Lelièvre, Québec-Belgium), he found himself on the short list for the prestigious Polaris prize, more to give himself a hat trick in the first gala of the ADISQ. Published at the end of September, the minialbum Expansion Pack is somehow come to crown this year’s star.

Q What has been your best memory of 2019?

R there has been a lot. I’m going to talk about the shows, because it is fun to share it with the world, such as the summer Festival and chiller with Chet Faker after the show… The next day, I was playing at The Wedding in Saguenay, I think it was the biggest show I did this summer. The stage was huge, there was really a lot of people and they tripaient. The summer has been hot. There are all the moments of tour with the guys, it’s back to: [what matters], it is the journey and not the destination.

Q What was your heartfelt, artistic or cultural in 2019?

R At this time, there is a Parisian that makes me not hurt triper. It is called Johan Papaconstantino. He remains in Paris, but his family is Greek. It is a kind of mix completely skipped.

Q A disappointment in 2019?

R there have been many moves political pockets this year. The species of inaction in relation to environmental policies or more recently, the law 21, which is completely refractory, it I found it pocket.

Otherwise, personally, I never know if I was able to enjoy it to the max. I realize how much of it is ephemeral. The success, in life, it seems that I find more in the eyes of others. It’s the people around me who have the time to live. After that, it is necessary to look at the other side : I will become not a shower immediately. Maybe it helps to keep me groundé.

Q That you reserve 2020?

R At a given time, it will be necessary to finish the tour for me to take a small break. But there are also big business who are preparing for 2020. For me, it’s going to be a lot France. We will return to it three times in the winter and in the summer. It is not earned, but there’s potential. It is safe that I never forget in Quebec. But I would like it to work in Europe, precisely in order to represent the Quebec.

Q What do you want for 2020?

R as a company, I would like you to hear, and it to stop procrastinating on the damn topics that serve no purpose. That we cease to talk of clothing or of this policy of secularism which is just used to eliminate the girls who wear the veil. I hope that we focus on more important topics as clothing, skin color or religious allegiance. You attack many people on their appearance or things that are really on the surface.

The Praise will occur in additional to the Imperial on the 28th of February.

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