Over 100 flights canceled due to ice storm

More of 100 flights canceled due to the ice storm

The ice storm caused the cancellation of 112 flights at Montreal Airport, including 51 arrivals and 61 departures. These are only domestic flights.

“51 arrivals and 61 departures out of a total of 249 arrivals and 236 departures have been cancelled. So 112 canceled flights out of a total of 485 flights. Please note that no flight to an international destination has been cancelled. Our teams are working efficiently to keep the runway and taxiways fully operational,” Montreal Airport said by email to Métro.

Wednesday evening, there were more of 425,000 Hydro-Quebec customers without electricity in Montreal. Across Quebec, more than 888,000 customers are without electricity. Montreal is the second most affected region, after Montérégie. It would be the worst ice storm since October 2019, when 990,000 Hydro-Québec subscribers were plunged into darkness.

Power outages, which affect nearly one Montrealer out of three are caused by falling branches or trees that give way under the weight of the ice. Several citizens captured images of trees blocking roads.

Due to the high number of outages and affected customers, it is too early to establish the average time to restore service, although all teams are mobilized, says Hydro-Québec. The state company says to call 911 if you see wires on the ground and above all not to approach.

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