Paul Arcand will leave 98.5 FM… in two years

Paul Arcand will be leaving 98.5 FM… in two years

Paul Arcand

The faithful listeners of Paul Arcand only have two more years to start their day with their favorite presenter at 98.5 FM.

The one who has been nicknamed for several years “the king of the airwaves” because of his predominance in the listening polls has indeed announced Thursday morning that he intends to complete the two-year contract which still binds him to the spoken antenna. Montreal – where he has served since 2004 – but that 2024 will mark his departure. He will therefore have been the main face of the Cogeco Media station for 20 years.

“I want to move on to something else in two years,” said Paul Arcand at the end of Since he gotta get up, shortly before 9 a.m. So I told my bosses that I intended to complete my current contract, which meant hosting the morning show for two years. I don't want to renew the agreement, I don't want to extend my contract.”

“I prefer to tell you directly because it can leak, it can come out wrong,” added the formidable interviewer, who would have projects for television and documentaries in his boxes.

Undisputed leader

Undisputed leader in his niche, Paul Arcand has once again proven this week that he is unwavering in the 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. time slot, regardless of the competition: his daily appointment has rallied 36% of the market share this spring. , while Radio-Canada, its main opponent, won 19%. The most recent Numeris surveys have also confirmed that 98.5 FM is still the most listened to station in Canada, with 23.8 market shares. Paul Arcand also warmly thanked the public for their loyalty on Thursday.

“I really want to thank you; it’s extremely touching to know that you are here,” he said.

The 62-year-old man – who has also conducted major interviews on the small screen, notably on TVA show that bore his name from 2000 to 2005, then with the Secret Conversation interview series, in 2017 – rising at dawn to do morning radio for 32 years.

Before making rain and shine at 98.5, he was heard at CKAC, CJMS and, at the very beginning of his career, CKVL in Verdun and CKBS in Saint-Hyacinthe. In the cinema, he offered us the documentaries Childhood Thieves(2005), Quebec on Order(2007) and Dérapages(2012) .

This early departure from the monument that is Paul Arcand once again attests that the Montreal radio landscape will change in the coming months and years. Already, Paul Houde and Bernard Drainville are heading for new challenges, the former having seen 98.5 not renew his contract (he will be replaced by Elisabeth Crête on weekend mornings in the fall), and the latter having chosen to return to politics to wear the colors of the CAQ in the next elections on October 3. The night owl of 98.5, Jacques Fabi, has also put an end to his adventure on the channel, he who entertained insomniacs since the 1970s.

At the public broadcaster, Joël Le Bigot, Michel Lacombe, Claude Bernatchez and Pierre Therrien have also announced their retirement or their desire to begin new stages in their lives.

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