Peter MacKay confirms his candidacy for leader of the conservative Party

Peter MacKay confirme sa candidature à la direction du Parti conservateur

Peter MacKay in Little Harbour, Nova Scotia, on October 17, 2019

January 15, 2020 14h34


Peter MacKay confirms his candidacy for leader of the conservative Party

Catherine Lévesque

The canadian Press


OTTAWA – The ex-minister, conservative Peter MacKay has confirmed, in all likelihood, he will be a candidate for the leadership of the conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

“I go there! Stay tuned”, he posted on his Twitter account Wednesday afternoon, after numerous media outlets had reported that he will be out of the race.

This confirmation brief comes after “The Press” had revealed that the former acting chief, Rona Ambrose, considered to be the favorite among conservatives, was not going to run for the leadership of the party.

Mr. MacKay was the last leader of the progressive conservative Party of Canada. He has orchestrated in 2003 a merger of the party with the canadian Alliance to Stephen Harper to form the current PCC.

Under the Harper government, Mr. MacKay has notably served as minister of Justice, minister of national Defence and minister of foreign Affairs.

He left politics in 2015 for family reasons, but his name has circulated among many of the party faithful to replace first, Mr. Harper, and Andrew Scheer.

Following the last election, Mr. MacKay has also criticized the values of social conservatism of Mr. Scheer, who, in his opinion, will cost the election to the conservatives.

His campaign launch would be planned for the next week, in Nova Scotia, according to several media outlets.


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