Phil Roy presents a documentary on eating disorders

Phil Roy presents a documentary on eating disorders

Phil Roy in The Weight of Appearance.

Comedian and host Phil Roy will present on Crave this fall The Weight of Appearance, a documentary on eating disorders, a scourge that affects a large part of the population. Through a very personal approach, evoking his own experience, he will explore the issues surrounding weight and body image.

The goal is to understand how body obsession manages to invite itself so insidiously into our heads and create mental and physical health problems that can become very worrying. Throughout the 60 minutes of the documentary, Phil Roy will meet psychologists, nutritionists, athletes and several other stakeholders to try to find a balance between mental well-being and physical appearance. /p>

“Eating disorders all have a function, they compensate for something, a lack, an injury, a desire for control. Over time, I realized that I had to understand this disorder in order to move forward better. Because yes, eating disorders are part of mental health disorders, we must be interested in them, and above all we must treat them. And it can't be fixed just by exercising more,” he explained in a press release.

“With The weight of appearance, I wish understand how this evil takes shape, how to protect ourselves, how to help those who suffer from it, but above all, how as a society we can make changes to ensure that body image is no longer a source of mental health disorders », adds the animator.

The weight of appearance is produced by Trinome & Girls, in collaboration with Bell Media.

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