Phoenix Studies Fund: a shortfall of $ 30,000

Phoenix Studies Fund: $ 30,000 shortfall

Each edition of the Sherbrooke Phoenix golf tournament was used to replenish the coffers of the Player Studies Fund. Last year, players Alex-Olivier Voyer, Nathaël Roy, Benjamin Tardif, Vincent and Julien Anctil participated in the event.

Share July 20, 2020 7:41 pm Share Phoenix Study Fund: a shortfall of $ 30,000Phoenix Studies Fund: $ 30,000 shortfall

Jérôme Gaudreau La Tribune SHERBROOKE – Le Phœnix de Sherbrooke had to put an end to the main source of income for the Players' Studies Fund since the 2020 edition of the organization's golf tournament was canceled. Last year, the event raised $ 30,000 to help Phoenix players pay for their education.

Originally scheduled to take place in June, the event was initially canceled and the organization hoped to postpone it until August. But with the guidelines in effect due to COVID-19, the organization must once again come to terms with the idea. And time is running out to allow a fundraising golf tournament to be held in 2020.

“This is not good news, admits President Denis Bourque. It is one minute to midnight to organize such a tournament. After canceling the June edition, it becomes difficult to go back and recall all registered golfers, sponsors and partners. Could a lean formula be presented before the start of the season in October? We wish it. Everything depends on the situation. Everything is moving so fast. But that would surprise me. “

For the team management, the door remains open for the presentation of an edition at the end of the summer.

“This event is our largest entry into the Phoenix Players Education Fund. The response from attendees and sponsors was too timid due to the economic downturn and the rules surrounding COVID-19. We want everything to be replaced to allow us to organize two golf tournaments in one season, as has already been seen in the past: one at the start of the season and another at the end. September is coming quickly and the start of the campaign is also scheduled for October, ”recalls the general manager of operations, Charline Durand.

This bad news comes on top of the abrupt end of the season in the QMJHL, the cancellation of the playoffs and the uncertainty surrounding the resumption of activities in the QMJHL, which will be established according to the evolution of the pandemic.

Remember that a comedy show and a casino night have already been in the plans of the Phoenix to vary the fundraising activities for the Study Fund. Two activities that are also difficult to organize with current government rules.

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