Pierre Avard will run for a new mandate

Pierre Avard will run for a new mandate

Pierre Avard is the current councilor of the Pin-Solitaire district.

Share October 6, 2020 1:09 a.m. Updated at 9 a.m. Share Pierre Avard will run for a new mandatePierre Avard will run for a new mandate

Jonathan Custeau La Tribune SHERBROOKE – The councilor of the Pin-Solitaire district, Pierre Avard, confirmed Monday that he will again be a candidate in the municipal elections of 2021. He affirms that the withdrawal from politics of his colleague Julien Lachance prompted for him a reflection.

“I have finished my reflection. I confirm that I will run for a second term in Pin-Solitaire in 2021. Unlike Mr. Lachance, for me, the desire to serve is still there. The job of advising for me is part of the contact with people. In the past, I heard that citizens, including in Fleurimont, did not feel represented all the time. This is what I focused on. “

Arrived late in the race for an adviser's seat in 2017, this time he announces his intentions more than a year in advance.

“The desire to serve has always been part of me. The work of municipal councilor allows me to be in close contact with people, to make things happen in my community and to defend my values of equity. I hope that the citizens of the Pin-Solitaire district will place their trust in me again. “

A retired postman, he says he walks the streets of his district every day. He acts as president of the Parallèle de habitation and as president of the Estrie recovery agency.

He cites the repair of rue du 24-Juin as one of his main accomplishments, as well as the improvements to Adrien-Cambron Park and the addition of hiking trails to Victoria Park. He recalls having insisted on repairing the Cégep swimming pool.

He is already committed to rejuvenating Victoria Park, including its swimming pool. He also wants improvements to the Expo-Sherbrooke building.

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