Pierre Poilievre would try to recruit CAQ ministers

Pierre Poilievre would try to recruit CAQ ministers

Eric Girard and Geneviève Guilbault would be targeted by the Conservative Party of Canada.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, allegedly approached Eric Girard and Geneviève Guilbault with the aim of recruiting them, according to information reported by political columnist Chantal Hébert on the radio show Tout un matin aired on Radio-Canada.

Pierre Poilievre would like to bet on a star candidate in Quebec and would have the Minister of Finance in his sights. At the same time, the Conservative leader would have met the Deputy Premier of Quebec, Geneviève Guilbault.

These rumors are circulating that Pierre Poilievre has still not met François Legault. The Premier of Quebec had met with Erin O’Toole less than a month after he was named party leader. His predecessor, Andrew Scheer, had met François Legault a few weeks after his election as premier of the province.

Quebec is the province where the Conservative Party of Canada currently performs the worst, with 19% of voting intentions, according to a survey by the firm Léger. The same poll puts all other Canadian regions at 30% or more of voting intentions for the party.

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