Pitou in the metro, a success so far

Pitou in the metro, a success so far

Since last October, dogs have been rubbing shoulders with metro users. Almost a year after the start of this pilot project, the STM is satisfied with its progress to date.

Metro users met by Métro at Berri-UQAM station share this opinion. “I've never had a problem with dogs on the subway. It’s more the bikes that sometimes bother, says an STM customer accompanied by his mother. “The owners respect the rules, the dogs have the muzzle”, she notes.

A little girl who was waiting to access the payment terminals smiles ear to ear when her father tells us “that she particularly like this project. They too have not encountered any problem related to the presence of dogs in the metro.

“We observe that dog owners comply with the majority of the procedures in force, but that reminders are necessary in relation to to certain instructions, says the STM. In addition, no major incident has been reported to us since the start of the project.»

If the Pitou initiative in the metro seems to be going smoothly so far, it is however still too early to say whether it will be permanent. A decision will be made at the end of the pilot project, which remains in place for the time being. An official report will be made later in the year, indicates the STM's corporate advisor, Justine Lord-Dufour.

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