Plane party: the best memes about influencers in Tulum

Party by plane: the best memes on influencers & agrave; Tulum

Quebecois partygoers on board the flight to Tulum were parodied by Arnaud Soly in particular.

Unless you're living under a rock, you've probably heard of Sunwing's infamous private flight to Tulum, Mexico, packed with influencers, former reality stars and other passengers. on the party , which went very, very badly.

Illegal alcohol consumption, vaping on the plane, sex acts, disregard of health rules, false tests Vaseline PCR, an organizer with a shady past: no wonder the news has spread around the world.

It looks bad for partygoers too: Transport Canada has launched an investigation into the events and, at present, influencers have been banned from traveling with Sunwing, Air Canada and Air Transat.

Obviously, there is a lot of talk on social networks (in large part because of OD Scoop). Here are the best memes we could find on the subject.

It's gone:

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What the beginning of the year, right?

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