'Please do not send flowers' travels to Italy

“Prayer not to send flowers” trip to Italy

Patrice L'Écuyer has been hosting “Prayer not to send flowers” for 12 seasons.

Good news for Please don't send flowers: the format of the variety show hosted by Patrice L'Écuyer, which will begin its 12th season on ICI Télé in the fall, has just been sold to Italian production company Stand by me.

Producer Zone 3 and distributor ComediHa! Distribution relayed the information by press release on Tuesday morning. The agreement therefore means that the concept of Please do not send flowers can be adapted on the Italian airwaves, with local stars from there who will also experience funny funerals well before the hour of their death.

In a foreign version, Please Do Not Send Flowersis titled In Lieu of Flowers. Here, every week since January 2012, in this “falsely posthumous celebration”, a personality is “grilled” and receives a humorous tribute (with songs, sketches, monologues, testimonies…) from her relatives and friends, as if she had died. We throw flowers at it… but also the pot that comes with it, and even the thorns!

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