PLQ: Pierre Moreau will not be a candidate for the leadership

PLQ: Pierre Moreau will not be a candidate for the leadership

Former minister Pierre Moreau takes stock of his political future, after weeks of speculation about him. This is not a surprise, but it will perhaps disappoint some militants of the Liberal Party of Quebec: Mr. Moreau will not run for the leadership.

“I would like to reiterate that I will not be running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Quebec, reacts the main interested party. I intend to remain an active member of this great party where I will continue to campaign for a more inclusive, fairer and more prosperous Quebec with respect for its French-speaking majority and the other communities that also make up Quebec society.”

“Since the vacancy in the position of leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, intermittent speculations are maintained on my interest in running for the post”, he writes on his social networks.

“All these encouragements are as many marks of confidence for which I consider myself privileged and honored. I would also like to express my most sincere thanks and gratitude to those who have so generously shown their support.”

Pierre Moreau is now managing partner of Bélanger Sauvé, a law firm in which he specializes in municipal and administrative files.

Dominique Anglade left the leadership of the PLQ at the beginning of November. The political formation has since named the LaFontaine, Marc Tanguay, to its interim succession.

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