Police officers save a lady buried in the snow in Old Quebec

Quebec City police rescued a 79-year-old woman on Friday, whose body was almost completely buried under the snow, which had fallen from a roof.

In a press release, the Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) reported that, in the afternoon, a good amount of snow had fallen on the woman, whose only hip could be seen.

Her husband, who could not help because of his disability, then contacted the police.

When they arrived at the scene, officers quickly cleared the lady’s head to allow her to breathe.

They then removed the rest of the snow with bare hands and shovels.

The lady was taken to the hospital and the police do not fear for her life.

“She had obvious bruises and scratches,” SPVQ spokesperson David Poitras said in an interview.

The police told the owner of the building to clear the roof of the building immediately.

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