Pope Francis' trip to Canada in jeopardy?

The Pope Francis' trip to Canada in jeopardy?

Pope Francis.

Could Pope Francis' trip to Canada at the end of July be compromised? The question is valid. The Vatican has just announced the cancellation of another trip planned to Africa at the beginning of July.

In a press release, the director of the Vatican press office, Matteo Bruni, explains that this cancellation follows a request from the doctors of the sovereign pontiff.

“Accepting the request of the doctors and in order not to cancel the results of the knee therapies still in progress, the Holy Father is forced, with regret, to postpone the apostolic trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and to South Sudan planned for July 2 to July 7, at a new date to be defined,” reads the statement.

The 85-year-old pope is due to come to Canada from July 24 to 30 with the aim of reconnecting with indigenous peoples. During this trip, he is expected to visit the cities of Quebec, Edmonton and of Iqualuit. The Vatican has not given any information regarding the fate of this trip.

For several months, the health of Francis I has worried the faithful around the world. He confirmed in early May that he had a torn ligament. He only moves around in a wheelchair.

For the Diocese of Quebec, communications director Valérie Roberge-Dion assures us that the organization is “in close contact with the Holy See” and that planning for his visit continues. “We are primarily concerned about the health of the pope, who must follow the advice of his doctors. Great care is taken to provide plenty of rest periods for the Holy Father as part of his visit to Canada and that the duration of his participation in events is limited in time (usually for an hour or so). We continue to pray that his health will allow him to make this historic visit, focused on Indigenous healing and reconciliation,” she added in an exchange of message with Métro. p>

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