Popular literacy, more than words!

From April 1st to 5th, 2019, the Quebec Coalition of Popular Literacy Groups (RGPAQ) and its 75 member organizations will mark the 4th National Literacy Week. During this thematic week, the public is invited to meet popular literacy organizations throughout Quebec and adults who invest in them.

A multitude of activities will be organized to highlight and celebrate the diversity of practices and highlight all the achievements made by adults. To give the kickoff to the week, the RGPAQ unveil, from the 1 st of April, the first video clip of a series of three with the life course of individuals with low literacy.

Did you know ?

More than a million Quebec adults between the ages of 16 and 65 have great difficulties with reading, writing and arithmetic. To support and support adults wishing to begin a literacy program, two networks exist in Quebec, namely the school board network and its adult education centers and the network of popular literacy groups. Officially recognized by the Quebec government and financially supported by the Department of Education, the popular literacy groups are training places for adults with low literacy skills who, for all sorts of reasons, make the choice to learn in a context non school.

Popular Literacy Groups: An Alternative Adult Literacy Network

Over the last 40 years, popular literacy organizations have developed a unique approach that makes writing literacy a tool for speaking out and empowering one’s life and environment. Adults with low literacy levels from all backgrounds find an environment adapted to their reality that meets their objectives, while respecting their learning pace.

For many of these adults wishing to reconnect with the written word, undertaking a literacy process is possible only in the non-formal setting proposed by the popular groups that are both training environments and living environments. Adults pursue a literacy process while contributing to the achievement of the educational and social mission of the organizations, to fight against illiteracy, poverty and exclusion.

Adapted support and multiple successes …

Popular literacy organizations are there to support every adult in his approach and the achievement of his goals, whatever the reasons motivating his return to training: acquire, develop or maintain his literacy or computer skills, support his children in their schooling, return to adult education to obtain a diploma or qualification, be better informed, be more independent in their daily lives, break their isolation and regain self-confidence, find a job or keep it, s to join his new company, etc. In other words: to improve his living conditions and those of his family and to exercise his rights, including the right to become literate as an adult!

Five days to celebrate the contribution of popular literacy groups …

Popular literacy groups are certainly part of the solution to better fight against illiteracy in Quebec. The 4 th week of popular literacy, an initiative of RGPAQ and its members, is the opportunity to highlight their work and commitment to the adults they accompany every day and their contribution to building a fully literate society and more inclusive.

Hopefully, this Week may inspire other adults to embark on this crazy adventure of popular literacy groups … After all, popular literacy is more than just words!

To find out about the various activities of the 2019 People’s Literacy Week and to watch the video clips, visit the RGPAQ Facebook page: www.facebook.com/rgpaq

To help spread the word, use the hashtag : #WeekAlphaPop

Do you want to support the popular literacy organization in your area? You just have to communicate directly with him. To find the list of member organizations of the RGPAQ, consult the Member Groups tab at the following address: www.rgpaq.qc.ca

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