Potholes: 78% of drivers do not have the correct technique

Even though they are everywhere on our roads, the vast majority of Quebec drivers do not know how to react to countless potholes.

S ccording to a recent survey, more than three in four motorists use bad driving techniques when approaching a pothole, reports the Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. According to this survey conducted by the firm Léger, 78 percent of Quebec drivers do not have the right reaction when it comes time to face a road in poor condition.

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“Potholes now seem to be part of Quebeckers’ daily lives,” says André Parra, Regional Claims Manager at Allstate Canada.

“Sometimes it feels like it’s happening in an unpredictable way, but by focusing on the road and adopting best practices, we can limit significant damage to our vehicles. ”

According to the results of the Allstate Canada survey, almost half (47 per cent) of Quebeckers admit that their car was damaged by passing through a pothole. For more than half of them (53 percent), repairs ranged from $ 101 to $ 500. It is therefore not surprising that virtually everyone in Quebec (96 percent) agrees that potholes are a recurring problem, notes a press release.

At the approach of a pothole, only one fifth of drivers (20 percent) slow down while 78 percent of them try to avoid it by turning the wheel. Drivers whose vehicle has already been damaged in a pothole (81 percent) very often use this method of avoidance. However, we do not recommend yawning because it can cause a collision with another vehicle, we add.

“The survey results do not surprise me. They only demonstrate how important it is for drivers to learn to share the road with potholes, “says Jean-Denis Quenneville, vice president of the Tire and Mechanics Specialists Association. Quebec.

“You must not brake suddenly when you go on a pothole. The tires, wheels, alignment and suspension of the vehicle can thus be more impacted. In addition, turning the steering wheel sharply could cause even more damage because you risk hitting other cars and causing an accident. There are several factors to consider at the same time, “he adds.

Several tips are provided to minimize or avoid the damage caused by a pothole. Keep your eyes on the road and watch if the cars in front of you make a turn or brake unexpectedly to be ready for any problem. We must tarnish the steering wheel with both hands in order not to lose control of the vehicle.

You must avoid braking suddenly or thoroughly if you are unable to avoid a pothole. This reaction could result in more damage or loss of control of the vehicle. The foot of the accelerator must be removed to slow down. Turning the steering wheel sharply can damage the wheels, hit other cars or cause a collision.

Also, too much or not enough inflated tires are more likely to be damaged. A car pulling on one side could be a sign of more serious problems.

This Léger survey was conducted from February 22 to 25, 2019 among a representative sample of 1014 Quebecers aged 18 and over. Using Statistics Canada data, the results were weighted by sex, age, regions, home language, education and the presence of minor children within the school. to ensure a representative sample of the entire population under study.

For comparison purposes, a probability sample of this size would have a margin of error of ± 3.08%, 19 times out of 20.

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