Poulin and D'Orio do not accompany the Penguins in Toronto

Poulin and D’Orio are not with the Penguins in Toronto

Samuel Poulin is back in Quebec after being one of the last two forwards cut off by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Share July 27, 2020 4:29 p.m. Share Poulin and D'Orio are not accompanying the Penguins to TorontoPoulin and D’Orio are not with the Penguins in Toronto

Jérôme Gaudreau La Tribune SHERBROOKE – Sherbrooke Phœnix captain Samuel Poulin and Sherbrooke goaltender Alex D'Orio were struck from the final roster of 31 Pittsburgh Penguins and did not accompany the team to Toronto, the Penguins' bubble town for the playoffs.

The two Quebeckers will therefore not have the opportunity to closely follow the clash against the Montreal Canadiens during this qualifying round when activities resume in the National Hockey League.

Since it was allowed by the NHL to welcome a greater number of players during the training camp organized on the eve of the playoffs, Samuel Poulin and Alex D'Orio were able to return to action as “Black Aces ”from the Penguins alongside Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kristopher Letang.

“In my head, I was going to follow the team,” says Samuel Poulin. But I heard last week that the management was planning to send me home. The coaches explained their plan to me. They didn't want me to take this news negatively. They reminded me that I took this experience to learn from other players and get to know the coaches and the system better. ”

The Penguins therefore preferred to be patient with the 19-year-old striker.

“They told me that there were times when they had a bad experience playing young people too quickly. At the same time, I was told that if I made a good impression at the next camp, there might be a place for me at 19 as of next season. They had to keep 31 players and the 13-14-15 forwards have all played for the Penguins before and the other has been recalled from the American League. There was no more room. ”

Sam Miletic became the last striker cut from the formation. Pierre-Olivier Joseph, for his part, avoided the chop and remains in the entourage of the team during the series against the Habs.

Healthy Poulin

Samuel Poulin, the Penguins' first choice of 2019, had to be away from the camp for a few days with eight other players for reasons that have not yet been revealed by the organization.

While some have advanced the possibility that he has COVID-19, Poulin is reassuring.

“I'm fine,” he simply said, recalling that the team did not specify their absence, not being obliged to do so.

For his part, Samuel Poulin will be attending Team Canada's virtual camp this week taking part in suggested practices and online conferences before returning to the ice to continue his training next week.

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